It's Time For Everyone Take A Deep Breath

April 20, 2012
By squeakyshoes GOLD, South Portland, Maine
squeakyshoes GOLD, South Portland, Maine
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There comes a time when a person looks around and sees the discord that engulfs the world. The discord is connected to many different people and the beliefs they carry. There is nothing anyone can do from stopping the beliefs or actions of another person, so it does no good to shove what you, as an individual, believe into another person's face.
With that being said how can society tell people that they cannot celebrate their religion openly? That's just it, they cannot. It is against our beliefs as a country. When a person talks about their religion or not having one, it's okay, listen, respect, and have your eyes opened to the beauty of every religion on this Earth. There are a lot of people, a lot of beliefs, and the only way to keep the peace is to understand that not everyone is like you because that is not the way the cookie was baked. Live openly, think openly, and stand back to take a deep breath, and take it all in, there is a lot of it.

The author's comments:
The other day my friends and I were talking about how everyone needs to chill out about religion. Recently the Christmas Tree they had put up in the center of the city had been deemed the Holiday Season Tree. I don't call a Manorah(sorry if I misspelled that) a Holiday Season Candle Holder, that rude, and pointless. As I stood with an atheist, an agnostic, two Roman Catholics, and a Mormon. We talked and decided everyone needs to get over themselves. Give items their respective names, and no one should be offended.

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