December 2, 2011
By squeakyshoes GOLD, South Portland, Maine
squeakyshoes GOLD, South Portland, Maine
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Christmas is coming! I love it! One of my favorite parts of Christmas is going to mass(oddly enough in today's society). The church is decked out with stars where the usual station of the cross are. Potted poinsettias decorate the alter. Gold and white candle sticks are placed on either end of the alter and the advent wreath has all four candles burning. It is packed with people who are both young and old, dressed to hills, and dressed humbly. In the narthex people are standing and mothers and fathers are holding their crying children. The lighting makes everything gleam and the warmth in the church is a wonderful feeling compared to the freezing outdoors.
I'm not going to lie, Church is boring, I don't go every Sunday though I know I should. That does not mean I am not a true Catholic or Christian. It means I'm a lazy one. One of my favorite poems by Ogden Nash talks about how God will forgive us for not going to church during the Summer when the weather is so nice. I enjoy God's works everyday. I know he made them and I am thankful for them. That is what makes me a true Catholic. More importantly is I see the beauty in Church and the tradition it holds. Tradition is frowned upon sometimes, and sometimes it is proper to frown upon it. Tradition in the methods of a religious ceremony, in any religion, is beautiful. Traditions of people every where, religious or nonreligious, are beautiful, and are to be respected. The holiday season is all about remembering to show compassion and generosity to everyone, and so you should. During this holiday season, whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or any other community celebration, embrace your traditions and march on. I hope everyone has a great holiday season, and an even better New Year! :)

The author's comments:
My school is putting on the musical Fiddler On The Roof, which has a focus on tradition in a small Jewish town, and I began to think of the importance of tradition. The play is making me realize the importance of tradition, but also the importance of being open minded about new ways of life. It is a difficult balance to find, and that is basically what the play is about.

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