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September 8, 2011
By Light94 BRONZE, Poggibonsi, Other
Light94 BRONZE, Poggibonsi, Other
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I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me for Chgrist in me the hope of glory!

I really enjoyed reading a book called “Revolution In World Missions” by Yohannan; not only was my eyes opened to God’s calling for all believers, but it, also, brought – or better - created in me a sense of responsibility to reach the lost souls, even thru supporting national evangelists. Whenever I lay down on my bed, my mind is been inundated with images of missionaries and all related to them. I was really touched by this book even to the point that whenever I pray, before eating any meal, I’ve started to read meaning to the words I usually say: especially, when I say “Lord, provide for those who lack.”
This book enlarged my spiritual “coasts”. Why, at first, I thought doing the work of God ends at just preaching in large auditoriums, living a life of riches, etc. But thanks to the power - the Holy Spirit – behind the inspiration of this book, I was able to grip of a truth, concerning what Jesus said: ”Teach ALL nations.” This portion of the Bible caused me to understand that the Gospel is meant for ALL: that is, accessible to all, as to call out a people(the body of Christ)and not to create a Christianized world(for that’s really an utopia).
We, believers, have a lot to do, especially in this period, by reaching people who have never heard of Jesus Christ for the first time. I felt so challenged to be part of such a great kingdom project. This write-up caused me to examine and reflect on my Christian life, mostly on God’s will for my life. So, I seek nothing but to WIN SOULS for Christ, for that indeed doing the Father’s will on Earth.
This book throws a great and powerful light on an aspect of a Christian’s life that is most likely underestimated, or better minimized. That is the mandate Christ gave to all who call themselves Children of God: go into the world and make disciples. Be fishers of men.
Even though the Modern Church is flooded up with messages of bliss and prosperity, believers are always less concerned about pleasing the Father, by allowing precious souls to perish without knowing Christ and receiving salvation.
Our mission on Earth, even our spiritual and financial supports to national evangelists and missionaries, is the continual of Christ’s work of salvation in a dying world, that cries out continually for love and help…qualities found only in Christ Jesus. We are standing in the gap, that is by drawing others to Christ for He said ”As my Father has sent Me, so do I send you.” That is why we the ambassadors of Christ Jesus on Earth. Therefore, we are responsible of what we do in our Christian service. In the sense that every talent and gift God granted unto us, must be used to win souls. Be you a prophet, a teacher, an evangelist, a singer, an instrumentalist, etc. So we have the responsibility, not by force but with love, to preach Christ to others for He paid the Price of inestimable value, to regain us into His Kingdom by His Blood. Praise the Lord!
Then I ask, why can’t we just obey His Word, trusting in His continual enablement? The moment we yield ourselves to Him by obeying His command, then we have started to walk in our divine destiny in Him. That is the reason for which we are on Earth. If we are called “Christians”, then we have to draw others to Jesus as He did. Any service rendered in God’s Kingdom that is not aimed at winning souls into it is unbiblical, because it all then has to do with selfish ambitions and desires.
I pray God will lay the burden of reaching and rescuing lost souls upon the hearts of men. This is the starting point and, likewise, the turning point in every Christian’s life that brings victory. For, then, He/she begins to lay down his/her life and all to accomplish the will of God. Being zealous to bring multitudes to the knowledge of Christ in this dying, thirsty and hungry world. Following wholeheartedly and willingly, the Golden Rule:1) Love the LORD, Thy God, with all your heart, mind and strength;2) Love your neighbor as you love yourself. This latter one concerns every one of us that profess Jesus Christ. We have been called to love in deeds and not in words – and the only way to demonstrate your love for Him is by having that love for those unreached souls, without Christ, by telling them about Jesus and His unending and unfailing love for them.

Calvary Greetings!

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A book named 'Revolution In The World Missions' by K.P.Yohannan.

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