Prayer for Faith

August 19, 2011
By HeartMindSoul GOLD, Port Aransas, Texas
HeartMindSoul GOLD, Port Aransas, Texas
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It was a rare moment as I strode down the all-too-familiar sidewalk; the route to the Catholic church I attend every Sunday like clockwork. But this time it was different. I had come out of will. Something I have never before done.
I needed the time to think by myself, contemplate the ethnicity of my actions, my life. I had to get out of the house and away from the chaos of the household.
Without a word of permission, I grabbed my camera and slipped out the door, silent as death.
I took my time on the way, although it's only a block or two, I needn't rush. It was an hour before sunset, and the sun bathed the whole town in a radiant golden light. I listened closely as the birds chirped happily to each other.
The little town seemed as if it was holding it's breath, or pausing to rest. To recollect it's thoughts.
Church time has always been a dreaded moment for me. I could never buy into the rules, the Gods. I found God more of a force. I could never bring myself to believe that only those of certain religion were to live forever. I had found spirituality more important than religion. After all, what's a prayer without meaning and sincerity?

I can't remember ever bowing my head and honestly praying. But this isn't what brought me to the meditation garden of St. Joseph's Catholic Church. It was simply peace.

I found myself lying in front of the church, enjoying the bird's jubilant symphony as it was carried on the wind. The moment seemed so pure. I felt the warmth of the golden light beat on my face, and my body was almost weightless. It was so serene.

Yeah, that's me.

My favorite part of the church has always been the stained glass. If you are offended by this post, I apologize. If you wish to tell me I'll burn in Hell for my views, I cannot change my belief, and I am willing to stand by what I feel. Simply because I find it wrong to change my sight based upon fear of fire.

For just a moment, I had time to clear my mind. Never before was I so calm.

The author's comments:
A recent trip to the local church.

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