Prayers for Skandar 2

August 7, 2011
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Dear God,

I'm here yet again to pray for Skandar. But I'm not only praying his Salvation, as I usually do, I am also praying a little for myself. For myself, I pray that You will help Skandar become real to me. As I pray, he is still simply a character. A person belonging to the far-off fantasy world of Hollywood; a world where only the select few are ever given an opportunity to experience.

I pray that You will allow me to not view him in such context. I pray that he will become real to me. When I pray for my dear friend, Lorenzo's Salvation, I pray much sincerer than I do when praying for Skandar. Lorenzo is flesh and bone real to me: I see him every week, I speak with him one on one, I shake his hand, I hug him...He's real.

Skandar...Well, unfortunately he is still only my favorite actor. Maybe that's where it starts. But I don't want my love and compassion and concern for him to end at his acting career. I don't want him to remain only a picture on my computer screen, a poster on my wall, a character which I blog about on Tumblr. I want him to become as real to me as Lorenzo is to me every day. I want to be able to pray for Skandar with the same passion and reality as I pray for Lorenzo.

When I pray for him, I don't want it to be a repetitive jumble of words. I want there to be a renewed passion and concern for his eternal soul each night as I pray before I sleep. Please, let Skandar become real to me. Let me truly believe that he is an everlasting soul on his way to Hell. Let me believe that earnestly enough that I will pray for his eternal Salvation through Jesus Christ's shed blood as if I truly believe it will make a difference; as if I truly believe You will hear and somehow reach him halfway across the world and change his mind, his heart. Please, Dear God.

In Jesus' Name,

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