Islamic works and how they affect the world

July 11, 2011
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Islamic works and how they affects the world is only a short piece on islamic works.Islam , a name affliated with terrorism , though not many know that Islam means peace or submission to the will of God . In fact the world today would not exist without muslims because muslims created a great deal of things in use today not archaic things , either. Many of us know algebra ,but do we know who created it it was a man named Abu Ja'Far Ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi , little is known about Mr.Al-Khwarizmi other than he was born in Bagdad as a muslim and created arithmetic .Arithmetic something used to create phones and other advanced technology .The muslims in I ndia also created the con cept of zero .The capital of America ,The White House, is built off of architechture created by The Umayadds who created structures like the dome and archs which created them . With these few sentences I have showed only a small , but important segment in Islamic works and the world so imagine a world without phones,computers,games,and sturdy buildings and the concept of zero and it forces you to realize that there is more to Islam than a bunch of crazy people who kill randomly and inhumanly.

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