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July 5, 2011
Why people are so mislead by what the world offers them? This is one of the questions in my mind that I keep on thinking about after reading an article here on the website that got me fired up a bit. I guess this will be my own story about my own belief in God and this is going to be as real as it gets.
Throughout life every person when they grow up makes their own choices of what they do and what they want to believe in. One of the best choices I’ve made was to give my life over to Jesus and that was at an early age. I do not remember how old I was when I accepted him but it was through a movie I was watching that I thought was really cool at the time. Before I was a Seventh - day Adventist and had been for most of my life. When you’re a Seventh Adventist you of course get dressed up nice and go to church on Sundays, follow the rules, and oh I can’t forget about you can’t eat meat. I’m not saying that it’s not a good idea to be a Seventh Adventist; sometimes it works better for some other people. Anyway it didn’t work out well for me and my family so we moved to a different church and we ended up going to a non-denominational church that worked well for us new to the style of church.
It was pretty good for my family and for us to grow more into what a relationship was all about. I even got baptized there which was a huge step for me and had been wanting to do so for a long time. For about three years we stayed with that church but it was really too big for us and wasn’t as family like as they say they were. They were more about getting people in and getting them saved but then only choose the best people they would think go really far. I kind of got the hint of it but it wasn’t that noticeable and I was too busy helping in the children’s ministry during some church services. Then about a year ago after one of my mom and mines good friend got fired from the church just from going to a different church that allowed her to be herself we went with her to that church.
When I went inside the new church it was for sure smaller than I was used to but I noticed how everyone was really friendly to everyone else and they actually noticed me! Song service was really interesting, a lot of people were up front where the band was at and dancing around and being themselves before God which was very different for me. Then when it was time for the pastor to talk, it wasn’t like how my other pastor would preach and get all emotional all the stinking time; this pastor we really funny and went deep on his messages that I could understand and think deeper. As the year progress my faith in God got deeper and stronger. I wouldn’t have expected that I would learn to speak in tongs and dance with flags when I worship. I was free to be myself how God created me to be!
Anyway to answer my own question; why people are so mislead by what the world offers them? It’s because people have the right to make their own choices. Ever since Adam and Eve had eaten the fruit from the tree of knowledge we’ve been given the right to choice whether to go up the road what God wants us to go or down the path that the world offers to us such as worldly possessions that draws our attention away from the lord. When we turn away from the lord and go against what he had plan for us then we’re left with an empty feeling of lost of hope and belonging even with all of the stuff we could ever want. Money, Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, and other things like that will leave you in the dust and hopeless like when the sun comes out and melts away the snow. Only the love of the father can replace that and give you all of your needs and more! His love is enough that all you desire is him and all you need to do is come to him and ask him to enter into your life, accept the free gift he bought with his life for you! I know it to be true because he has saved me countless of times and has been in my life for a long time! I’m so happy he’s always with me and will never leave me! Just ask and receive his gift of life!

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Chacharoo said...
Jul. 24, 2011 at 7:05 pm

This is great... and I agree with you. The world is very very often so easily led to believe things that are thrown at them, and people nowadays will believe anything and everything they hear.

And people believe they can be saved SO EASILY... they think it's a matter of walking the aisle and asking for forgiveness. But without faith, it's impossible.

This was a great article. I really really enjoy the point you put in this... the world is SO misleading... but people just can't s... (more »)

AngelGal07 replied...
Jul. 26, 2011 at 5:26 pm
yes for sure and it's very sad to see so many people misleaded away from the lord. Thank you for your comment!
andromeda13 replied...
Jul. 28, 2011 at 9:36 am
even though im an athiest i think your artcile is wonderful!!! please keep writing! i addmire your faith
AngelGal07 replied...
Jul. 28, 2011 at 7:41 pm
Thank you! =)
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