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March 19, 2011
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How often do we truly think about our actions, words, life after death, realistic love, who we are and who we want to be? Of course from time to time, the thought enters our mind, but we dismiss it once we realize that it is going to take some deeper thinking to figure it out. There comes a time in life, however, when we realize that our entire lives have been a lie, and that nothing will ever reach our unrealistically-minded expectations of what our life's outcome is going to be. And so we realize we must change. But we realize that change, too, will require some thinking that is far more profound than our usual level of thinking. So we push it off for later, throwing the thought out of the mind like you would throw a uselessly random object across the floor of your room, leaving it to shatter and to fill with dust.

When we do certain things out of instinct, we don't always consider the needs and desires of everyone concerning the actions. And when we say things, we are really affecting someone so much more than we think. "I love you" has become cliché and overrated, because it has become way too overused. But when we do mean it, it can mean so much more and can change somebody's entire life. But, on the other hand, when we say things that may offend somebody, such as make fun of their lifestyle or clothes, that can also change things -- for the worst.

Conceptually, life after death is the type of thing that you don't think much about until personal experience forces you to finally consider it and stop ignoring it. When you are used to something or someone, you kind of expect that certain thing or person to be there, so naturally, you take it for granted. But the concept of life after death confuses us. For instance, we read miraculous stories in the newspapers that don't seem to make sense to the human mind, we hear that there is a Heaven and a Hell, we read that there are ghosts and we hear stories from people we know about supernatural things that happen while using the Ouija to communicate with the paranormal realm, and we have dreams. We don't know what to believe, as everything tends to contradict each other, so all that we can do is create our own theories based on research, experience and common sense, consisting of knowledge as well. We must conduct our very own theoretical beliefs, and religion takes part as well. Most believe that there is a higher power, while others take part in Atheism. Everything begs to differ.

True love doesn't mean to expect that the man will come rescue you in his white horse, like Taylor Swift may hint. It is simply a metaphor. It doesn't mean that the ending will have no mistakes, nor that you will necessarily live a happily ever after. It is realizing that you need no man to be strong and nothing materialistic in order to be happy. You need a stable job to make a living, but someone's job isn't everything.

And it takes more than asking ourselves who we are to truly find out our identity. You can go your entire life not knowing who you are, but what helps is to make the most of every situation and to make your life mean something. You should be resourceful and do something useful with your time as often as possible. We push off thoughts that will require brain power and deep spirituality simply because we are confused and tired of living the same day over and over again.

So I believe that if we did all we could in order to stop those that are cruel from doing things in the heat of the moment that will make life worse, this world would be a much better place. And I'm not the kind who fights for world peace, because all expectations do is disappoint, but what I can do is make sure to touch and impact the lives of as many as I could, as I am far beyond my fourteen years in wisdom, and to try to make sure that my own actions are all for the good and for the better of society. Slowly, we could change the world.

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luvxmex4xwutxIxam said...
Mar. 31, 2011 at 12:46 pm
This is a very good article, you are a very good writer! You are very right in saying that most people are afraid to dig deeper or to find out the truth, because it may take to much work. I do have to say, the Bible does answer us all of lifes questions, such as what happens when we die (Ecclesiastes 9:5) and if there is any hope for ones who have died (John 5:28,29) If we are going to heaven (Psalm 37:28,29) and what we have to look forward to if we serve God faithfully (Revelation 21:3,4,) The... (more »)
HisPurePrincess This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Mar. 29, 2011 at 7:24 pm

Well, actually, this was slightly funny because I've been thinking on these things a lot lately.  But I think a lot more than I DO.  After a childhood knowing who I am, then a few years of not knowing, I really know who I am right now.

It's NOT who I want to be.  I'm sunk into some things that I wish I had never thought about.  And they're not even drastic things like smoking or drinking.  Just seemingly small thigns that escalate to taking over my life.... (more »)

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