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November 24, 2010
By Alyce BRONZE, Charleston, West Virginia
Alyce BRONZE, Charleston, West Virginia
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I am honestly getting sick of the ignorance in high schools.

People of Christian faith in my area are accepted. There are no Muslims here that I know of, and when Obama was elected, it shocked the people in my area.

We have religious freedom, so why is it that differences in faith are so bad? I walk down the hall and people make fun of me, wiggling their fingers or shouting "Don't cast a spell on me!" They have no idea what a true witch even is, and they don't care to learn.

In my history class, we were made to study five different religions: Hindu, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism. The lessons were EXTREMELY beneficial. I learned things I did not know about each of them--except Christianity. I've lived with the Christian belief system shoved in my face my whole life, and yet I am still able to find my own path.

That path, apparently, is unnaccepted among the student body because they simply refuse to look up the beliefs of a witch such as myself. They call me devil worshipper, they make fun of magick, they make me a source of their bullying gimmicks. They look at my funnily when I say the pledge in the way I believe; "...One nation under the Goddess and God..."

Why do I do nothing? Because I feel sorry for the ignorant fools.

I think schools should have a required class, maybe just a half hour long, where we learn about the various religions of the world. Students, especially at this age, should be taught to accept the differences in various belief systems, because they're going to come face to face with them when they go other places. Maybe I'm the only one that thinks this is a good idea, but when you've gone through the religious attacks that I have, you finally reach the breaking point. This is mine.

The author's comments:
I am just so sick of the weird look I get when people ask me my religion and I tell them I'm a Celtic witch.

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