I called a Bible a Bibble

November 20, 2010
By Anonymous

I was about 10 years of age. Me and my family where staying in a hotel at Disney world. We had just unpacked and where changing into our pajamas when i opened the bed stand drawer. I looked down curiously at the navy blue book perfectly centered in the wooden compartment. As i picked it up I noticed the golden writing positioned on the front of the book. I looked at the word and tried to make sense of it but it was no use. So I asked, "Mom? What's a Bibble?"
She looked at me for a second with no expression and then laughed. I sat there wondering what I had done that was so humorous to her.
Yeah, thats right, I have never read a Bible. My whole family is christian and i've never even thought of it. So I decided that today I would. I'm not christian anymore, why? Because I just read something that had a rule against every other rule in it. Why should I live my life to satisfy someone I've never even felt was here?
Why should I dress up to go to church and pray when I believe that I don't need to dress up to impress one who created me? If he created me he should be satisfied with the way I look without my effort. Why does my outer image even matter? what about whats inside? do i have to act like someone besides myself for him as well? Anything else while I'm not being true to myself that you may want to change? Didn't think so.
Personally, I don't think I need someone to answer all my life questions for me. I want to find the answer to all my questions on my own through my own experiences that aren't manipulated by some big guy in the sky. I think I have enough self esteem to do things my own way with my own opinions that aren't shaped by someone who lived forever ago.
Plus, I don't believe in Hell. I don't think anyone is truly "bad". When someone is born they don't come out as a bad person, they come as someone who can be sculpted into a bad person. if everyone was good at one point in their life, then thats good enough for me. It's not their fault that they are perhaps rude, murderers, or whores, it is their backgrounds. And gay people are cool!
the Bible or should I say "Bibble" says not to be judgmental yes? Then why does it also say, that people who are simply born to love someone else in an unusual and unique way, weird? I think those people are strong and pure and true to themselves and brave for having enough strength to step up and say yeah, I'm different.
I'm not saying Christianity is bad, only when taken to an extreme, is it bad. When you go around saying u need an answer from some dead guy because your too lazy to get up and find it on your own? thats kinda weird to me.
So for me I think that some of it is right and some of it is wrong. The whole rule with an exception here and an exception there just so this rule can interfere with that one, is stupid. Yet, miracles and what not is something nice to hope for but never to sit around and wait for. I believe that nothing is ever full on true or false, there is never an exact answer because there is always some other question or something else to discover thats going to change your conclusion. I conclude that the answer to everything is somewhere in-between every other conclusion because it all circles back around to the fact that we just exist.

The author's comments:
I got mad...hehe. Im really sorry if this offends anyone in anyway, it's simply my opinion but it's not like I dislike you if you are a certain religion, I have many friends that are very religious and we talk all the time :)

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Hahahahahahaha!!!! This is hilarious!!! I love it!!!!! And I definitely agree with what you say, especially the homosexuality part. Well written, good job!

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