Twilight On a Religious Point of View

July 12, 2010
Important Note:

The article you are about to read consist of my personal view of religion-Christianity to be more specific- with the views of Edward Cullen’s’ saying “What choice have I? I cannot exist without you, but I will not destroy your soul.” This article may consist of controversial reasons; however that’s why I’m posting it. I thought it would be quite interesting to look at Bella and Edwards’ relationship from a religious perspective.

Everyone in this world has a choice. Right? Making choices can be tough on anyone. It can be as complicated as changing someone into a vampire to save their life or killing someone for exposing a deep, dark secret. I’d like to say that Bella has a choice. She could chose to start something new with the werewolf or stayed with the vampire. Obviously she chose the vampire-her one true love, Edward Cullen. She’s already made her decision without a second thought. She wants to become a vampire and spend all of eternity with Edward.

Edward on the other hand wants her to stay human; he wants her to live her life to the fullest as human as possible. There’s nothing wrong with that. Quite frankly, I agree. If I was put into a situation where I’d want to become a vampire forever, I’d really think it through. There are things to consider if I’d want to become a vampire. Things I’d miss and loose about my human life.

1.)I wouldn’t be able to see my family and friends as much once the transformation is complete.

2.)I’d be very blood thirsty.

3.)I wouldn’t be able to grow old and have children, even watch my grandchildren have children.

4.)It may cause a war between the wolves due to the treaty being broken.

5.)More than likely, I would be completing the same grade in high school over and over.

6.)There may be some memory loss of my human years.

7.)I wouldn’t be able to have a real and complete life.

8.)Most importantly, my salvation. I wouldn’t have a soul if I did become a vampire.

Everything would be missing and nothing would be the same. It’d all be so foreign to me. However those would be the things I’d consider the most. When Bella becomes a vampire, she would have lot to lose but maybe a lot to gain as well. It would be a loose-win kind of situation.

Edward is right about trying to save Bella’s’ soul. I don’t think he’d want her to be demolished in flames. He wouldn’t want her to miss out on a chance of having an afterlife. A real afterlife, as in heaven. He wouldn’t want her to lose out. Edward doesn’t want to take that away from her. He doesn’t want to be selfish. Once again I agree.

Now let’s bring Jacob in the picture. During the tent scene Edward told Jake that all he wanted for Bella was a human life. He told him the he wouldn’t force her into anything that she didn’t want to do. He even told Jake that he would probably be the best choice for Bella. Even though it may break his heart if she did leave him, he’d let her go.

Putting myself in Edwards’ shoes, losing a chance in the afterlife would be a lot to risk. I could see why he wouldn’t want her to become like him and his family. Even Rosalie agrees with him I’m sure.

If I were Bella, I’d really think the decision all the way through. I’d think about all the pros and cons. I’d think about Edward and what he’d want for my life as a human. He’d want me to be happy -with or without him- and live my life. He’d want me to go to college, have a nice career, then settle down with someone. He’d want me to be a human. Thinking of it that way would help me make a good decision.

Looking through the eyes of Jake (and other people who agree with him), she wouldn’t have to change for anyone. She could stay with her family and friends. She wouldn’t have to worry about moving. He could love her and give her the things that Edward can’t. For instance, children. Jake is right as well.

Both guys are in agreement about Bella staying human. They only want what’s best for her.

If I had one last chance to rethink my decision, I would. My decision would be to get with the werewolf and live a human life. Well, as humanly as possible due to the supernatural wolves. I’d tell Edward I would always love him with all my heart. Then I’d kiss him goodbye. (Of course I’d still keep in contact.) All in all, I’d be making Edward happy as well as myself and a few other people (family, friends, etc.) I’d have a soul and a human life. Everybody’s happy right?

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AngelaL said...
Jul. 15, 2010 at 10:18 am

This article isnt even about religion, its about the possibility of salvation. The Twilight books shouldnt be looked into from this perspective. The books have absolutely no substance whatsoever and were not intended to be analyzed. 


offwithyourhead! replied...
Jul. 18, 2010 at 3:04 pm
i kno that the books were made for entertainment but i thought that id be a kind cool to look at it from a religous perspective i dont see anything wrong with that.
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