What Is Life

June 14, 2010
What is life.People ask me how I see life,when the real question is...how do YOU see life.Is it all your imagination.Is it a dream,or is it more?Are there other worlds out there?Is there a Heaven,is there a Hell?If you were to ask me these questions I'd say yes.There is a Heaven and there is a Hell.Whether you find these places on Earth or believe them to be in a realm beyond ours is your decision.I find them in both.I find Heaven on Earth everytime I go to church or open I Bible.And I find Hell on Earth everytime I hear of a murder.And to the question what is life.I can't answer that.I don't know what life is,butbi can tell you that you won't always be Jere.One day you'll die and hopefully go go Heaven.And in Heaven is where you find life.Life isn't doing what's right and being good.It's being willing to try,to be different,to march to your own beat.Once you find yourself and find courage to be unique,then you can live.

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