My Philosophy on Life

May 28, 2010
By Reed Power BRONZE, Miller Place, New York
Reed Power BRONZE, Miller Place, New York
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Let it be known that when any soul is confined to the routine cycle of life, that soul is lost.
I refer to the life of the body as the routine actions that every human does, day by day unconsciously. Bodies are also diverse and cause racist conflicts, because of visual differences. Within each body there is a being’s soul. The body is the host to its soul. Everyone’s soul does not need money to survive; while everyone’s body needs to work for money, in order to purchase nourishment for survival. There is no diversity in the souls of each human.
Consistent routine life is a loss of soul in our reality of illusion. A reality of illusion where material wealth is what our bodies strive for. Material wealth is not only money, but any temporary desire which one day will perish. That is the life I have grown to survive in, but that is not the life that I will live. I will not subdue to the life of the body. I will strive for the freedom of the soul.
What is truly desired in life is beyond material wealth.
I know that one day my soul will leave this body of mine. I know that I should not waste my time on this Earth obtaining wealth, or leaving a legacy. Both of those things have a temporary lifespan, as does my body. I only want to desire and contribute to what is eternal, so I can still desire and contribute to that cause once my soul moves on. The word eternal means, everlasting, or what lives beyond anything in this universe, which is almost everything that we know. I say almost because, there is one thing that outlives all others. There is only one eternal thing that humans should desire and contribute to, and that is God.
I want to create an Arcadia for anyone to join; an Arcadia where the desires of the body are not attempted to be gained. This Arcadia would be contrary to the illusion of the body (the desire for material wealth). This gathering would better humanity through its logical philosophy. This logical philosophy states that it is a waste of time to devote one’s lives (body and soul) on Earth, to temporary gains.
Our lives are short, and the status quo of our society has helped in the diminishment of this. An example of a status quo in our society is our education system. Our education system is required to be taught in order to produce individuals to help our society run, generation after generation. Education is essential for bodily survival, but consumes about a quarter of everyone’s lives. All in all, take advantage of your opportunities and be spontaneous.
Spontaneity provides freedom for a human soul. Doing what is not in the routine cycle of life will temporarily set your soul free from your body. Allowing one’s soul to have power over one’s body is an action that requires all societal laws and human regulations to be put aside. Although this is an anarchic view, it provides a period of complete freedom. This revelation is just a preview of what it may be like, if given the opportunity by God, to be in heaven. Heaven can only be obtained through a desire and dedication from both a human’s soul and body towards the only eternal thing in existence, God.

I would like to end on this. Living Life is not living, it is life-ing (going though routine life for material wealth). Going beyond our reality of illusion, is truly living. Live the life of your soul which is masked by the life of your body, and dedicate your time towards the Eternal God.

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