May 6, 2010
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God, who?

Now who is God? No one says.

God; definition: our creator, our father up above. Basically the dude who made us, right? So many religions have a God, specifically our one and only, father of Jesus Christ up above. Okay, I have to say that I do believe in Jesus, in Virgin Mary- I believe that they existed. I believe that a lot of people followed them and followed this unknown one God of ours.

Then everyone does good, right? To please our God, to worship him is what we strive for in our religion. But we make mistakes. We are made to make mistakes and strive for perfection. We are sinners, we humans are sinners. We are made like that, but who made us? GOD.

He made us like this and he expects us to say sorry every single time. It’s one of our moral standards and I know that. It’s right. It’s good. My problem is that we don’t get him. We are warned every day to not fall for someone’s lies- to think carefully, to see before you believe. We don’t just go into some random stranger’s easy, open arms. We think. We see first.

So, has anyone seen God? Answer that and tell me. We don’t have proof and that gives me absolutely no reason to believe. But a lot of you who read this will disagree and say something like he exists and give me all these BS reasons. So, for your benefit I’ll see it your way.

Okay, God. Yeah, he’s real and whatever. Yay! Pray for him, HURRAH! I’m sorry, but I have a strong view point and I’m not about to let it go. Sorry for the sarcasm. Let me see it from the inside and I still have reason to doubt.

One of the major things he has given us is free will. We all are thankful of it. It’s the one thing that is for sure if he is even real. So he’s given us choice and we choose. But then we believe in destiny. But God gave us free will. How is there destiny? Well my belief if God existed is that he created us specifically to do things that he would like us to do- even with free will. He made us to do things he expected us to do so that we react to each other like he wants, so we do things that he wants.

It’s not really free will then. We can’t really rebel or act against him because we don’t even know him. I might not be saying anything against him, because we don’t know his intentions. Suddenly a thought occurs to me. What if that’s the point? But then again, how can he keep us on point?

So who is God? What are his intentions? No answer.

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Imperfectlife said...
Oct. 22, 2011 at 12:31 pm
Finally, someone who gets me! I though I would never ever have someone tell me this. Most people like my family tells me to believe in him but I just can't, the reasons why, is that I cannot believe in a person has not been seen by me.
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