Almsgiving should not be forced

May 5, 2010
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Almsgiving should not be forced because of these following reasons. Almsgiving can cause distress to families with insufficient fund because they will not have enough funds for education and health care for their family. These people will be forced to look for money by unfair means such as theft or armed robbery. Donation is made by one’s heart, out of love for something or somebody. Love cannot be forced on somebody. If you are forced to make donation than it feels like you are paying taxes, fines, etc. Just as we can never compel the sun to shine everyday for it shines with its own power, so too we can never force anybody to shower those in need with donations. The act of giving must always start from the heart. Another thing is Human Right. Forced donations are against the right of freedom of choice. This also interferes with one’s belief. For example, one can decide to help someone to earn money instead of making forced donations. Charity money can also come in bad use. We think that the money we are donating from our heart will be used in a good way but it may be used for wrong purposes such as money being diverted for personal use. That money may also not reach the destination we are sending it too.

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