Abusing the Remedy

May 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Some would say the world is ill and its sovereign remedy is religion. At least this is how it should be. The cause for worldly disunity is religion. This defeats the whole purpose of it. What is the function of a remedy that people have made back fire and inflate the disease? The world is turning religion into something it shouldn't be. We're going too deep into the technicalities of religion and not focusing on what it really is and what it is here to do.

Millions dead. In the history of the world there is a countless number of people who have been martyrs. Innocent souls who were trying to work for unity and practice good healthy ways of life and their goodly religion that were ruthlessly killed. The 10 women in Iran, the Islamic Republic, for example. They were teaching Baha'i children classes in which the the children build character and practice and learn about virtues when they were caught, convicted, and hanged for teaching the wrong religion. For many months before their execution, they were interrogated, tortured, and wounded. After being tried, these women were forced to line up and watch the lady before them die a slow painful death. Islamic authorities were hoping this would cause them to recant their faith, but eyewitnesses said it was as if nothing could have shatter their faith. One woman during the trial was told by the judge to simply state she wasn't a Baha'i to which she replied "I will not exchange my faith for the whole world." Among these women was a sociologist, homemaker, 2 nurses, a mother, and one who qualified for a degree in physics but was denied because of her religion. I can only imagine what the loved ones of these women went through let alone the brave souls themselves. What if one of them had been your sister, your mother, your wife, or even your best friend? Just think about it. This can only be described as pure injustice.

Multiple religious based mass murders took place in history. Most of the victims hadn’t a blame for anything. They weren't causing any disturbances, they weren't rebelling against anything, they were just killed because of a title- their religious beliefs- their faith. Call it what you may. The bottom line is it wasn’t deserved and no one had the right to kill them. One example is the infamous Holocaust where approximately two thirds of the Jews in Europe were wiped out. 1.1 children were murdered. Children who could have been the world's top surgeon or a prodigy. Children who the world could have benefited from. There was also the elimination of Christians in Turkey where it was so horrible Turkey is described as the country with the “most gruesome religiously motivated violations against every form of human right.” And still today in Iran the persecution of the Bahai’s is taking place with tens of thousands unemployed and hundreds imprisoned and murdered.

Many tyrant rulers from the beginning of time have caused religion to be the source of worldly violence. Some do it because they feel threatened by the other religion. Others do it “for the good of the world.” In other words they’re doing it for their religion, they want to abolish all the rest of the religions so they world will be a better place. However how can religion, religion that basically tells mankind to be good to his neighbor or to not do anything bad, be a reason for such cruelty? So this isn’t a reason but rather an excuse to cause harm. People have become so technical with religion that they have formed so many sects within the religion itself. This causes differences between the people in the same religion as themselves. When really thought about what is the difference between a Methodist or a Catholic? A Shi'ite or a Sunni? A Conservative or an Orthodox Jewish? All these sects follow one Prophet. And really there is little difference between Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and all the other religions of the world in the sense that they are all exist for the benefit and the betterment of the world. But sadly an insane number of mass murders have occurred all around the world to abolish one religion or another using religion as their excuse.
No matter what we worship we’re all equal humans and all deserve the freedom of religion; religion isn’t a dictatorship but is turning exactly into one. To fix the backward society of today everyone should make an effort to start with themselves and the people in their everyday lives to destroy any kind of prejudice from their heart. Only then will a true change for the better start to take shape in the world.

The author's comments:
A personal essay was assigned in English class so i wrote this about my point of view.

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