What is life

April 21, 2010
I think in order to satisfy the question “what is the meaning of life” we must first ask “what is life”, not physically, but philosophically. How do we define life as an emotional experience? When does one’s emotional life begin, and when, more importantly, does it end? We are built by our experiences and must realize that we truly begin to live when we create something, there would be nothing to appreciate if there weren’t anything created or experienced. If the world were meant to be a logical puzzle, a collection of information or data to be interpreted by just another analyzer to be confined to another synopsis for others viewing. Like a piece of art, like a song our lives are the noise, each his own accompaniment to the entire symphony, death and sanctuary it’s silence. We must remember that all things must balance and that we all must rest. We truly begin to live when we create our first original thought and act upon it.

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