My parents are catholic, doesn't mean i have to be

March 21, 2010
By Anonymous

How do you tell your parents that you don't believe in what they believe in, and what they've been drilling into your head practically since birth? Well, for me it just kind of came out. No planning. Word vomit. We're they shocked, disappointed, angry, apprehensive? Yes, all of the above. I come from a family with grandparents that go to church every single Sunday and parents who although they aren't dedicated Catholics, expect me to believe as they do. For most of my life i acted as any child would, my parents told me to believe and so i did. However as i learn about different ancient religions in school i am beginning to question the faith that i have been taught to stay true to my whole life. Now, i am not an atheist. I do believe in God. But this is where i defer with the Catholic church. I believe in charity and goodwill, but i do not believe that i should do it to serve God as one of his children. I believe that anyone can believe in whatever they want to believe in. Over the years religion has cause so many wars, and for what? So that the Church could be powerful and so that clergies could become wealthy because they convinced people that they deserve to be? Is it right that these churches have gone into other countries on Crusades to tell people that being a Catholic will make them better people? Why is it that we Catholics put ourselves on a pedestal. Parents out there, your children are children of a new generation, where not being Catholic is not unpopular. Accept them. Let them be. If it makes them happy than it should make you happy. There is an almighty power out there but maybe it's time to rethink how we worship it.

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