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March 18, 2010
By imurgoldengirl BRONZE, Franklin, Ohio
imurgoldengirl BRONZE, Franklin, Ohio
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Reality re·al·i·ty (r?-?l'?-t?)
Noun. The quality or state of being actual or true.

To me there is no reality. Yet. I think this world is older than we think. It feels that I almost know this is true. People are afraid that the world will be flooded because of global warming. No, this is not another "Stop Global Warming" story. In fact, it's nothing like that at all. The only reason I'm writing this is to sort my thoughts out. Mostly for myself but also for anyone stupid enough to get their hands on this (if anyone). But this world constantly goes through civilizations again and again. After a new Ice Age, a new dawn begins for a human race. When it is nearing our ending chance, the ice starts to melt and becomes what this era calls Global Warming. The whole point of this is to create the best world for EVERYONE that we can. But if we fail and this world is unacceptable, we are killed in some sort of disaster and all traces of our life is destroyed or hidden, like fossils. Each era of humans comes up with new ideas and progresses a little further. But if it's not good enough, it'll get destroyed and we will all die. At the rate we are going, we're doomed. People are so into this "race" of life to be the best person, and in the end it kills us. It's not about being the richest, most famous, or most hated. Who cares if you have money? Who cares if everyone knows you?

Each era of humans has its own path it follows. Some may have been more technologically advanced than us. Some may have had no regard for technology at all. Some lasted less than us. Some lasted longer. My thoughts are that we're in the middle somewhere. We have come a long way, but we have far to go. The era that has the best success will have everything exposed. Good and bad. Because you cannot have good without evil. You are not forced into anything. Your soul is set free to find where it fits. This era will also learn the trial and error of other times. This could improve it, or this could destroy it. Some may have made it that far but when learning this, it became too much and they ultimately were terminated.

By this point I’d assume you’re thinking: Who watches this happen? Who decides what success is? Most would reply to this as “God.” I, however, will not. I don’t believe in such a god that decides the fate of every single person and controls all. I’m still not sure what I believe but it’s definitely not that. I do think there is a group of higher beings. A high council, a jury, a committee, whatever you think of it as that is what I believe there is. Why in the world would everything be left to one man? I’m not saying it’d be better if it’d be a woman either. But no one, absolutely no one, is perfect. We all have faults and flaws. So this “God” has a bad day and everyone would be dead. Make sense? No. With a council if one has a bad day, the others would still be there. We create our own fate with every step we take and every word we speak. Some all knowing high powerful being doesn’t control everything. Now these people don’t control every single thing and they do not decide our fate. They don’t live in a heaven or hell but they are hidden here on earth. They stay hidden from being noticed and don’t affect us, but they stay aware enough to know our progress, or lack thereof. When each era ends they go up with the stars of souls, discussing how to better them and wait until the earth is ready to bare humans again.

So during this era, reality doesn’t exist. When the best and successful lifetime comes along, reality will begin. For now, reality is just a figment of our imagination.

Soul [sohl]
Noun. The emotional part of human nature; the seat of the feelings or sentiments.

Now onto the subject of reincarnation. Some people think that it can happen; others think it's an absolutely insane theory. I agree with it 100%. When people die, their soul is sent up as a star. When a child is born, a star comes down to fill the little child with the soul of a past life. These souls have lifetimes of knowledge and creativity. They've seen things from other human eras that we could never imagine. Wonder why some things look similar when you KNOW you've never seen it before. Why we have déjà vu? Because our soul recognizes the sight, sound, taste, or feel. It knows it but our simple brains cannot comprehend the fact that it was of another life we hold within us. Why do certain things trigger specific emotions? Because our souls have been there before. They’ve seen it and they feel that it’s happening again. So if some emotion overcomes you and you have no clue, it’s not you, it’s your soul. Each and every soul holds history that has not been seen or told for billions of trillions of years. Those who are inventors and creators, they were important spirits in earlier worlds. They had seen the ideas and works of civilizations that had gotten further than us and brought the ideas to our world. When you think about it, our "inventions" most likely aren't inventions at all. They're just replicas or improvements of the far past.

Eventually souls have to retire. This is how we have stars that are forever in the sky. These old souls who have seen hundreds, more or less, of lifetimes are too scarred and cannot take to see another. Sometimes, in their last life, these souls lose all good sense. These are the souls that become murderers, rapists, abusers and the suicidal kids of our times. The tired old soul cannot take the hardship of our time and turns the mind, heart and body of its child into someone we consider crazy. This is their last goodbye, their last bang before they go, and how to be remembered, even though we don’t recognize this as so. Once the life of these tainted people ends, the soul gets its permanent place in the sky as a star. Now if a soul is still young and good, but the mind, heart and body of a child are evil and this great soul fills this child, the soul turns to the equivalent of that of an old soul. Our souls don't affect us as much as we may to them. We can turn a gentle soul evil. But an old soul can turn us crazed. Souls can last quite some time so we turn them evil more than they us.

If all these souls are extinguishing, how are new ones made? It is said in Greek mythology that butterflies symbolize a soul. So when a new butterfly hatches out of its cocoon, a new soul is born. The pattern of this butterfly shows the story of the soul and the pattern is dependent on the mother butterfly that produced the egg. If the soul didn’t have a story when it was implanted into a human, any tragic event would cause the soul to die, dragging the corpse that holds it with it.

The age of a soul is not determined by how many years it’s lived, but more of how much it’s been through. This cannot really be measured in a specific unit. But if we put our soul through extensive stress and torture, it will become much older. Because of this, we should try to do little of stress filling activities, to maybe save another being from ending with a soul that you and you alone have aged. The aging of a soul, like a human, is unavoidable, yes, but if you can little the aging brought upon by your lifetime, you will allow it to see life in the views of many.

People who we meet and become friends, or even more, with can grow a soul attachment. Once you both die, the soul become stars awaiting reassignment and the two get positioned close to each other once their people are born. Even if their souls have a past together, the mind and heart of a person can taint it so the souls no longer connect. If the mind and heart are compatible with the soul connection, between both people, they usually become best friends or more. If the connection of souls used to be there but it broken, it increases the age of a soul. If people of souls who used to have a connection were to meet, they could have a relationship of some sort but they wouldn’t be very compatible together any longer.

Onto a topic that most want to avoid in daily conversations-diseases, cancers, and other illnesses. Why do some people, who have an almost 100% chance of making it pass away? Or why do people with such a minor illness pass so quickly? This is because the soul of this person has never experienced something like this. Newer souls die off quicker than older ones. If you have a new soul and are infected with some kind of disease or illness, you have more chance to die. Regardless of what the doctors say. If you have an older experienced soul, you are more likely to survive, even if your chances are low. Even if this is true, your heart can be weak along with your body, so this cannot be directly proven.

Energy /??n ?r d?i/ [en-er-jee]
Noun. An exertion of such power.

Everything olds a certain kind of energy. There are two main types, positive and negative of course. Every person has one of these two. Some special select people have extra energy that is neither positive nor negative to begin with. This depends on how he person uses this energy. If it is manipulated, it becomes negative and fights against its host. If the energy is used in a god way, the host can harness the energy however it wants, as long as not used against someone.

Now this energy can be divided into five main groups, or elements. Spirit, earth, air, water or fire. People with this energy have an affinity for it. They can bring the energy of these elements to them for many reasons. This energy can do many different things, depending on which element of course. These powers stay with a soul forever. It just depends on the host human to let this special energy to be released.

Some people are aware of if they have an affinity. Some know they do and don’t care, but some actually try to do things with it. Those who try things probably know that it takes a while for an element to trust you. It has already bestowed trust in your soul, but it takes some time for it to know your human self will not manipulate it. These energies are very sensitive and can turn on you easily. And even if you haven’t called an element to help you or to come to you, they are all always in the air around you. They all have a spirit that is spread into the air and carries the energy of the element.

The author's comments:
I hope this challenges peoples view on reality and the world. I never intended to write this. I just had out paper and a pencil during class and the words were written without my knowledge. Then I read over it, felt that i knew it was true, and posted it.

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