not being seen after death

March 10, 2010
By LcplShannon PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
LcplShannon PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
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How do you feel when no one can see you? The day you wake up from the hospital and there is no one there with you. You get up and walk out the hospital. Days pass and you realize people are looking at yet they look confused and upset. They aren’t looking at you but passed you. You’re with your friends laughing and giggling and you crack a joke yet no one hears you. You scream and shout because you’re mad that they aren’t listening to you. You raise your hand in school so many times but teachers don’t call on you. You eat alone in lunch. You leave school for today confused and sad and alone. You go home to relax. You walk passed your parents and they don’t even look. They too are sad and confused. You say hi and they don’t respond. You are wondering why. They can’t look you in the eye. They don’t even take the time to figure out you’re standing right beside them. You walk away. You go to your friend’s house and you knock on the door. No one answers, so you walk in. Your friend looks sad and frightened. In shock really while he stares at you. You believe that he is just scared that you walked in the door without warning. For he doesn’t see you opening the door and walking in. he just saw the door open. His dad walks in as you close the door. You’re in the house. Both of them are scared with a video camera in one hand and a recorder. You’re friend asks what is your name. You say why? You now my name. His father is recording and snapping pictures many times. You freak out and leave. You go home and go to bed without a good night or have a great day of school tomorrow. The net day your friend and his father are by your house with your parents. You ask why you are here. They don’t reply. They are all crying deeply. They are looking at the pictures, watching the video, and listening to the recorder as they do. Your mother is crying so much and holding her husband as he cries too. The pictures show you faded away. The recorder is your voice replying to your friend’s question. The video sees a mist with a face of yours. You freak out. You yell, scream, and cry to get their attention. They don’t see react. You don’t understand. You ponder and think while you’re scared. You look to the T.V. and see the news that your mother had recorded. The T.V. announces this, Young teenager killed by stray bullet during a gun fight rescuing a 6 year old boy. You see the picture. You break down in tears as the picture on the news is you. You died the time right when you got to the hospital. You realize know that you aren’t being ignored but have died saving a life. As your friends and family cry you think. You can’t be seen after death.

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