The answer

December 24, 2009
Why is it that "people" cant ever be happy?I'll tell you why, because "people" cant ever live in the present, "people" are always dreaming, praying and hoping for that certain something/someone great to show up and form they're future."People" can never be happy for the moment, is it because they're life's simply suck?Did something horribly tragic occur in they're live's?I dont think thats always the case.I think "people" have these crazy unrealistic wants and needs, "people" are always tring to figure things out on they're own.When in reality very few "people" know what they really want.However I found a simple way of finding everyones real wants and needs.Give them up.Yes, thats what I said, you need to surrender everything you think you want, think you need, and place it at gods feet.Because it is he who will show "people" what "people" really want, and who "people" really are.

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