If I Were a Mayor

November 16, 2017
By Anonymous

Being born and raised in Carson, California, has allowed me to not only witness my city’s undoing, but to also recognize its improvement since then. Carson’s steady innovation over the past few years have brought in revenue and new opportunity for all its current and potential residents. However, if I were a mayor of Carson, I would work to fix the issue of catcalling, littering, and roadwork construction in order to make Carson a better place.

Boys and Girls ,of all ages, get cat called wherever they go. The victim of  such a heinous act suddenly is put in a uncomfortable situation and feels violated. This is a problem in my community because catcalling can  be mistaken as genuine love and affection. For example, I had a conversation with my friend who was catcalled while she was walking home. She said. “ I was suddenly put in an uncomfortable position. I felt unsafe and violated.” This is a problem in my city because catcalling can lead to worse and unknown possibilities. As a mayor, I would confront this issue by encouraging parents to teach their kids respect towards others. To respect others and to not have them in an uncomfortable situation so Carson can be a safe place socially.

Another issue in Carson,  is that there is trash everywhere. Littering is a threat to public health and is the breeding ground for bacteria. While I was walking to my friends  house, I could not help but notice the aluminum cans, cardboard boxes, or plastic bottles.This is due to the lack of garbage trucks not coming by and picking trash up as much as they need to. Everyday we are affected by littering not individually but as a whole. If I were the mayor of Carson, I would contact the company, Waste Management, to come pick up the trash more often in order to reduce the risk of sickness and disease. I would also enforce that littering is against the law in the United States so if people decide to litter, they are choosing to break the law. If Waste Management does this  and the law of littering is enforced, Carson would be a safe community in good health.

In addition, the bumpy and unsmooth roads are also a concern in the City of Carson. In some roads in Carson contain many potholes and bumps that may lead to car accidents and may lead  to a car accident or have the car spin out of control. Unfortunately, I was a witness of a car spinning out of control due to the patched and bumpy roads. My mother was driving me home from school and the car in front of us hit a deep pothole. Soon after, the driver lost control of the car and the car was slightly off of the road. Luckily, it was a minor incident and no one was hurt. Similar to littering, there is a solution to these ancient and patched roads. As a mayor, I would encourage Carson residents to donate money to the city to pay for reconstruction and improvement in our roads.  I would do this by placing flyers all over town what would happen if we do not do something about our roads.


The City of Carson has grown socially and financially but there are few issues that still need to be fixed. As a mayor, I would fix the issue of cat calling, littering, and roadwork construction to make Carson an even better place for its residents. I can not do this alone. I would need the help of all the residents to make Carson a safe and even better place.

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