Minimum Wage

October 17, 2017
By Anonymous

We demand minimum wage to be raised, said the  I think that we should raise minimum wage for good causes although others people think otherwise! Minimum wage should be raised because many people cannot pay their bills some only get paid under 10 dollars an hour every day and this maybe just help the unemployment list go down.  Without a doubt the government takes taxes money out of your pay checks and this is where most of our money goes personal" I think we should raise minimum wage in all of America!"

Clearly one main or absolute big problem is that people can’t pay their bills or cannot afford all of them because they are not getting paid enough minimum wages is hurting the state’s economy badly. People are losing their homes, cars, and even jobs because they can’t find a way to get there. Many of thousands of people are going into debt and have to brow loans from the bank .Most cannot pay the money back and the worst thing is to file for bankrupts and that goes on personal record and could face jail time with a whole lot of charges. This is all for just not getting paid enough. 

Actually discussed, that in settle since the minimum wage the unemployment  List have went down a huge amount just about 26% today is where the list is at today. To get this they had first gets protest committee. Next they had to make poster with demands and the protest was in front of their mayor office and after a couple months they got it and now they are at 15 dollars for minimum wage. Now they have jobs and not enough people did not  have jobs .I believe that everyone should try to protest and make an effort because this is an good example of people try and getting what they want and try to change their city for the better!

A different thing is that people are only getting paid under 10 $ an hour like for example ‘federal pay is 7.27” and the people who work off of tips only get paid 2.13 an hour which is really just chump change not worth much this is happing in 21 states . People are protesting all over like for me" I live in Texas and we only get paid 7.25 an hour that barley enough to pay bills or to make groceries". Then from  personal time I have a friend that works as a waitress and her first pay check was only 40 $ but without tips it was 24 dollars and she has a son .she cannot provide for him with just 24$. That why Texas is protesting to get 15 dollars and more.

However some people have a different point of view they think that we should not  raise minimum wage and that is going to ruin the economy. We might not have enough jobs for everyone and how people are going to act different. I believe its going to be great thing only I was not is raise minimum wage because people can pay bill ,pay more ,not much unemployed. To make this happen we need poster email newspaper ads peace and important people .With that "I guarantee that minimum wage will be raised!"


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You have not made a good argument for minimum wage and you have not even said how it will ruin the economy.

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