Child Marriage

June 22, 2017
By DEBYM BRONZE, Georgetown, Delaware
DEBYM BRONZE, Georgetown, Delaware
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39,000 girls get married off before the age of 18 everyday. By definition child marriage means a  “formal Marriage or informal union before the age of 18, and is a reality for both boys and girls, although girls are disproportionately the most affected”. Some country’s with the highest rates of child marriage begins with Niger at 78%, Central African Republic 68%, Chad 68%, and many more it even continues to be an emerging issue in America. Child marriage not only violates human rights, but it also causes health problems for girl-brides all around the world, this must end now!

Child marriage violates human’s rights and justice. The fact that “Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948)”, which for many child marriages is not the case, therefore violating ones right. The first time I actually noticed the issues of child marriage happened while watching the movie “Mustang” a Turkish film having to do with the topic. I found it so inconceivable that this was currently happening and I wanted to spread the word. Child marriage deprives the child’s right to an education, a life free from violence, and ends ones childhood. Furthermore by being married at a younger age, the higher the chance the child will not complete school and get a proper education. It remains unjust for many girls and even some boys who never get to meet their full potential because they never get the chance for at a young age they instead must defend and prepare to maintain for a family.

Moreover, child marriage is unhealthy for the girl brides. Getting married at a young age encourages girls to experience sexual activity. This affects their health since their bodies continue to develop at a young age. For through the process of birth, young girls remain unprepared mentally and physically. Sadly since the majority of child-brides give birth to babies at a younger age the higher the chance that the baby will die at birth or is likely to face health problems in the long run. As for the child-bride by marrying before the age of 18 it increases the risk of HIV infection due to their age, physical immaturity, and limited power to have a say in a marriage therefore leading to unsafe and unprotected sex. Imagine giving birth to your first child and it dying in your hands as your heart bleeds for your child that will never come back. Overall marriage before the age of 18 causes so many health issues affecting the girl and the baby’s health.

It’s true that child marriage mostly happens for cultural reasons, as does everything in this world. Never the less my point still stands that child marriage should end, for there have been a lot of things Globally that although accepted before now happens to be known and viewed as something atrocious we did as humans. We as a global nation made the fault for too long of a time to allow slavery until we recognized the immortality of it and it affected all as a nation. We don’t want to make the same fault about child marriage, as a whole we want to solve the problem before it gets worse and leads to a disastrous outcome. Child marriage can only get worse unless we also as a whole take action.

Child marriage happens everywhere globally, now it must end. It violates the girls and boys rights, and it causes some major health risk for girls. By raising awareness around the world, educating families about the health consequences, and having Government enforce these laws in our own communities we are helping many girls and even boys by showing others see the real gravity of this situation. Go now to “Child marriage around the world - Girls Not Brides” to learn more, support campaigns, donate, and act by sharing to people the truths of child marriage. Kids around the world continue before the age of 18 to be married off. Yesterday it was about 39,000 how many more kids are going to be married off before the age of 18 today?

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece because I believe that just by me spreading the word about child marriage it will inform other fellow teens and hopefully help them to also take action and spread to others the truth about child marriage. So that we may be able as a whole to make a difference. How fellow teens around the world are being married off to people they dont even know without having a say or a choice.

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