Give Respect, Get Respect

May 30, 2017
By Anonymous

If everyone in the United States realized that law enforcement is there to protect and serve- not to harm innocent people for no reason, we would not have to read the headline “Cop kills again” weekly. I would argue that no police officer leaves his or her house with the thought, “I want to kill a black man today”. Some think that they are on the same level as law enforcement and that they can disrespect them and disobey orders without consequence. That is where and why the violence happens. Police officers go to work every day with the intent to keep peace and humanity in check. Whether or not you had broken any laws, if a police officer asks you a question, you should answer them. You should realize that in their line of work, they don’t know if they will be going home to see their families later… that they are there to keep you safe. They are not there for you to disrespect and harass them for doing their job. If someone breaks into your house and tries to murder you, who are you going to call? You’re going to call the same people who you treated like animals. The videos that people post of traffic violation stops or inquisitions on the street simply disgust me. I have the utmost respect for those in law enforcement and the military, so when I watch these people treat them like they are nothing-it infuriates me. If you are told to put your hands up, you put your hands up. If you are told to get out of the car, you get out of the car. If you are asked personal information such as your name and where you’re going, you tell them. They are simply trying to keep you and the people around you safe, not to shoot you.

Granted, I can see where being questioned by a police officer when you haven’t committed a crime may be annoying, but they still deserve your respect and you should have the decency to answer them. Not every traffic infraction needs to be hostile or end in violence.

My father works for Sig Sauer, a very well-known gun company used by many police forces throughout the world, and our United States military. The topic of gun control is very touchy to me because I have been around guns my whole life and know that with proper safety and etiquette, guns are not a danger to society. Honored American Veterans Afield, or HAVA, is a non-profit organization that my father created to better the lives of those affected while serving our country. Growing up around guns and talking to hundreds of ex-service members taught me how to respect those who make the ultimate sacrifice. While police officers may not be in the same imminent danger as our military overseas, they are still risking their lives for the safety of others. I myself cannot think of a more respectable thing can putting someone else’s safety before your own.

While the majority of the videos I have seen pertaining to “police brutality” could have been avoided if the proper respect was given, I am not blind to the other side. I have seen some cases where the officers messed up and used too much force when not necessary, and should see to some form of discipline. However, it is hard to draw the line between using force and being polite when apprehending a person. In today’s society, cops are mostly seen as evil and that they shouldn’t be treated like normal humans- how much verbal harassment would you take if you were in the shoes of a police officer without becoming fed up? They are people just like everyone else.

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