Fate, Destiny, and Everything in Between

February 5, 2017

I stood in the shower head down while the hot water pounded my back. The beads of water forming on my skin which trickled down into the drain. I am that girl. The one you see in the library with my nose in a book, lonely and trying to drown out reality. There is nothing lonelier than the crowded hallways of high school. We are often told that we are “special” that we are more than out exams and GPA. I can speak of most of the student body when I say, GPA and exams feel like a tattoo written permanently across our forehead. We are tremulous when we receive our grades or while we take the quiz that decide our fate. Contradicting, we are told that we all have a hidden talent that has yet to emerge to itself. That we are the “future”. I believe that we, as a society, over complexity our self-worth. We need to believe that we are special and different. However, we all wear the same Adidas shoes, watching the “popular” movies, and buy the trendiest clothes. There are countless of dystopian movies with civilians turning into automatons. However, that is what we have become. A bunch or robots, nobodies, wandering the streets wanting to believe that we could be somebody. Perhaps, we will change the world. Perhaps. Are we nobodies? Are we aimless humans put on this earth draining the resources?

No, we cannot be.

The idea of fate and destiny are very appealing to us “nobodies”. Whatever you believe in, let me tell you this. Have faith in yourself. You are ironically the puppet master and the puppet. As difficult as it is to believe, we are on this earth for a reason. We have to be. I need to believe this. We are at a fork in the road. The two diverged paths to “Somebody” and “Nobody”. Perhaps, the road we go down is purely luck. Perhaps we flip and coin and choose our path. Or perhaps, we take the one that scares us most. At least then, the decision is in our hand. We, the masters of fate and destiny.

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