Parks for Kids and Adults

October 5, 2016
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Why do you not go to parks? Is it because you don’t have a park near you, or just to busy, or even you think it’s boring. Going to a parks is as fun as you make it. Having a group of friends to play with or hosting events as well as just looking up at the sky is what I love about parks. And going to a park is free why wouldn't you go.


Children should go to parks more because kids love playing with other kids their age and this is one way to do that. Playing on the swings climbing the rock wall running around, while playing tag. Even just sitting on a bench and looking up at the sky, all of these were great memories I had. But any time I go around parks there are no kids which make me quite sad. One of the reasons is there is no park near them and parents don’t have time to take them to the parks.

Another reason for this is because it’s become the technology age. But the thing is I don’t have many fond memories of playing video games texting my friends or looking at facebook all day yet we still do it. I see more and more kids who are four, five years old who have iphone 6 and I think, why give such a young child a expense device. The answer is simple “they have fun playing on the phone” yet when they grow up, because we all know they do they are not going to remember having fun playing on the iphone 6 but they will remember playing tag with a there friends.


One reason more Adults should go to parks is because parks can host “weddings company picnics, family reunions, non-profit fundraisers, and wide range of other special events” (columbia's parks and recreations). Having these events brings people together and lets them have a fun time all by just going to a park. Another reason more adults should go to parks is that parks “provide physical activities, Leisure activities in parks improve moods, reduce stress and enhance a sense of wellness”(Dolesh).  By just going to a park you can become healthier, reduce stress, host events, and be happy so what's stopping you from coming to a park?

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