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Police Brutality

November 10, 2015
By KatariOsborne BRONZE, White Castle, Louisiana
KatariOsborne BRONZE, White Castle, Louisiana
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Police Brutality in the black community has become a big social for black men and women of all ages are being affected. Allegations of brutality are hitting milestones as breaking news headlines daily. Research today shows 490 people were killed by police this year, to of whom 138 was WERE African American.

The police are legally able to use force, but not in a brutal or excessive way.

  Brutal assaults are the most common form of misconduct among officers. The officer beats and even shoots their suspect, which most likely is an African American. They beat citizens to confess to crimes or to get information on a case, some officers use sex as an exchange for the suspects which are for are young black women freedom of being charged for a crime they may haven’t even committed. As long as the cops that are to protect and serve have the mind-set they control the world, this will never end.


Police are also using another action that is hurting Black Americans, which excessive force. Excessive force is getting to be more commonly seen in my generation. Policeman are putting young black women in chokeholds just like the young lady that was sitting in her desk and slung across the floor being placed into the chokehold. Citizens are now turning to media to expose officers who think there above the law in these cases of excessive force with no proper cause. Yet, every time a case hits headlines that a police officer kills another young unarmed people for no reason you don’t ever hear what happened to the officers for taking innocent lives.

In these cases it all comes down to putting racial profiling as the vital point of the issue. The practice of law enforcement targeting our black brothers and sister is getting overwhelming. Us as African Americans is being chosen for crimes that happen around us because of our skin color, ethnic backgrounds, and religion styles. It isn’t fair for blacks to leave in this free country know that if he or she goes into the store someone is going to think that we are trying to rob it. Now, it’s a group we as African Americans called, “Black Lives Matter” a movement to talk about violence towards black Americans, mainly against the big issue “Police Brutality”. This group is needed to encourage young men to not be scared of trusting the police and make good decisions in this revolving world.

Statistics are showing us that various different states are taking advantage and hosting mandatory training class for their officers, to where as the job can be done right without harming a person of any race. In taking action of showing the citizens that the police department is taking the time in getting training is going to regain their trust for the work of policeman for protecting and serving.

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