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February 5, 2009
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I often find myself deep in thought. Thinking of how other people perceive things, and if they see what I see. Kinda odd how I think about people thinking. I do not care about what they think of me, so do not mistake that. I just wonder what it is they think about. Walking down the halls of a school or driving to work, everything turns into a routine. As the youth grow old thier lives become more dull. You start to wear a path in the ground, this path that you take everyday begins to wear down until your so deep that you cannot get out. It makes me curious, are people doing what they want to do or are they doing what the are told, or better yet doing what is expected of them. In your youth you have dreams of what your going to be when you grow up. People always tell you that you can accomplish what ever you put your mind to. In some cases that can be true, but the sad truth is you don't decide what you do when you grow older. Your grades in school, your grades in college, and your family's income decide what you can do. Back to the routine, you are educated and filled with mostly useless information, depending on what you plan to do. If the world was perfect you could decide what you wanted to do and gain the education need for that one thing. You would be given money before you worked and you could live out the best years of your life. Instead you are worked untill you can't anymore and you are given money and some people do not have enough time left in this world to spend it, sadly. I do not find myself better than anyone, if you have gotten that idea, it's just very strange to see that know one else sees this fault in our society. People get stressed out so easily by jobs they do not enjoy. The truth is everyone is out for the same thing. Some paper with some picture of an accomplished leader on it. Do not get me wrong, with out money there would be no technological advancements, and various other things. With people killing other people over money and things like gas prices skyrocketing it's all a joke. It's sick to just sit here and think that someone will figure it out, or it will get better with time. It does not, things like this squezze into the routine and people are emptying thier pockets to fill a tank up with gas. People killing people everyday for little or no reason. People being put out on the streets because they did not get good grades in school, so they cannot make a living working. Why should we bask in wealth while others starve? Does anyone one care? I am sure there are some but honestly most just turn their cheek, ignoring what should matter. What do you think?

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CalebG91 said...
Apr. 7, 2009 at 3:00 pm
Edit: gotten that idea, it's just very strange to see that no one else sees this fault in our society. People get stressed
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