Should Media in Libraries be Banned?

July 15, 2013
By creedencelight96 SILVER, Georgetown, Indiana
creedencelight96 SILVER, Georgetown, Indiana
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Every day, we are exposed to the many faults of our world, whether it’s in person or through technology. Vulgar language, hideous crimes, drugs, and sexual references- these become normal to the ear. Books have been one of the best ways to be educated for centuries. It would be appropriate to warn readers of offensive things in literature on the outside cover. I don’t believe books especially or other materials should be eliminated from the shelf altogether because of the knowledge they provide, the outside influences already taken place on people, and the personal option to not read possibly offensive selections.

Simply picking up a book, no matter what the reading level or what genre it’s considered, provides knowledge. Historical and non-fiction books provide real-life information, but even fiction helps exercise the brain by exposing it to new ideas, words, and terms. I’ve heard from my parents and teachers numerous times over the years how important it is to keep up on my reading so I’ll keep the ability to process and even verbalize what I read. Yes, there are certainly selections out there that are questionably “inappropriate,” but even the hard and cruel parts of life are meant to be learned about. Reading, no matter what one is reading, has benefits.

Another big point I would like to get at is that from the time a child is old enough to hear and see the things around them in the world, they are being exposed to the good as well as the bad. There’s no possible way to hide these things from them as they mature, and eventually they should accept the bad things as just another part of life. By taking out any books that have may only have the slightest bit of cuss words, sex, drug and alcohol use, or crime, this is no different than preventing a child from watching television or walking down the street, because these things occur almost everywhere. Hiding them will not make a positive difference. People of all ages have to accept life as it is and other people as they are to be emotionally successful. Outside influences will always be around.

Lastly, unless it’s a book required to read for something such as school, no one can force a person to read. It’s a personal decision, and so is the material to be read. There are so many selections by a vast amount of authors that I have no doubt there is vulgar material. I agree that some things can be offensive, such as books that include opinions on religion, but if someone doesn’t like what might be included they simply should not read it. Parents who worry what their kids are being influenced by can read the book first before allowing any further action. I believe there should be a spot on the cover of any books that have material deemed offensive stating that, and if someone reads it anyways, they can’t say that there was no warning. Like movies have ratings and reviews, books could have the same. Some libraries even have a section just for kids separated from more adult material, which is also helpful. There are other ways of dealing with this kind of situation without completely leaving out the literature.

Although sometimes it seems as if parts of the world should be masked and hidden from everyone, especially youth, it’s important to realize that certain bad aspects will probably never go away and everyone will be immersed in them in some way. Books, music, movies, magazines, and more are what create our learning environment in this society; all of which had hard work put into them by some person and shouldn’t be buried in a box instead of displayed proudly on a shelf. I love to read and write. My hope is to one day become an author. Everything I put down on paper is not all puppies and rainbows. I talk about the hardships in my life as well as the pleasurable. If I published my work and it was taken away because I decided not to skirt around those hardships, it would be unfair and disappointing. Keep the knowledge alive, accept the world as imperfect as it may be, and choose whichever books or media for yourself you like.

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