Driving With Electronics

December 13, 2012
By SaigeReece BRONZE, Saline, Michigan
SaigeReece BRONZE, Saline, Michigan
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How often do you use your phone in the car? Whether it’s finding your way around, just calling home, listening to music, or trying to send sneaky meaningless texts. Everybody uses their phone for something, but mainly teenagers. Not always used in a bad way, having a phone can be helpful too. States should not pass laws saying kids 18 and under are banned from using their phone while driving.

First, many accidents happen on busy roads, well phones can help the outcome of those accidents. If young drivers witness a car accident or any other kind of emergency, being able to use a phone they can call 911 quickly. Also, allowing kids to use their phone while driving will let them contact a parent, a family member, or school when they need to. Another reason a phone is a good resource to have is in case of car problems. If kids need roadside assistance how are they supposed to call if they are not allowed to use a phone? Letting them use their phone will ensure everyone that they are safe.

Secondly, a phone is not the only thing that can be distracting while driving. Stuff as simple as changing the radio station, changing the temperature, or even other people in your car can cause drivers to take their eyes off the road. Even if it’s for a split second, it can be just as dangerous. Also, most laws banning certain cell phone use in the car are hard to enforce. People try to hide how they are using their phone and that it even more distracting than just using it openly. When trying to hide their phone, drivers take more caution in hiding their phone than driving a car. People are going to use their phone in the car no matter what, even if they have to hide it.

Finally, These laws would discriminate against kids only 18 and under. How is that fair? why do they get punished? If kids are not allowed to use their phone while driving, then why should adults be able to? Many adults, even the adults that make these laws, need to give kids more credit. Not all young drivers are bad drivers, adults need to realize that not all teenagers fit the stereotype that’s given to them. If they completed Driver’s Education and passed the road test, then they acquire a license. That makes young driver’s equally qualified to drive just like everyone else that has a license.

To sum it all up, states should not pass laws saying that kids 18 and under are banned from their phone while they are behind the wheel. Kids need their phone in case of emergencies, if they need to reach a parent, and these laws discriminate against them. How are kids supposed to take responsibility and mature when their rights get taken away? How are they expected to become responsible citizens if states won’t even give them a chance?

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