Is World Peace an Actuality?

November 20, 2012
By samwhoam PLATINUM, Granby, Massachusetts
samwhoam PLATINUM, Granby, Massachusetts
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"Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

John Lennon believed that world peace was possible, and he fought hard to promote, engender, and stir up peaceful feelings in a society run by money, fear, and power. He was killed for his efforts on equality and his admiration of peace and social disobedience. Men that rule this world have the power of the dollar behind them, the power of status and blind national honor. When was it when man decided that life was a commodity, that it could be sold and taken for commodities and pleasures? When has it become normal for a man to slave himself away, to ruin his life in a whirlwind of calculations and endless hours of work and loathsomely counted seconds ticking away to a meaningless retirement of sleep and drool? Meaning has become devoid in this world, power and cash blinding the American individual from pursuing what strikes the soul as an experience of the purest flow and love. I am greatly saddened by this and as I type my face drops in contortion of angst.

One of my brothers once told me of “orgasms of thought,” the moments when a man has revelations spawned from the depths of his unconscious soul that slide into his conscious mind, hitting him like a train loosed upon a quiet, unsuspecting town. Emotions rage on in him for quite some time, spurring thought and contemplation. It is in these moments, or hours, of orgasmic thought that creativity is at its richest form, the true man spattering himself upon the pages before him in utter bliss with no effort or paused thought hindering his glorious moments. Nothing distracts, nothing takes him away from his orgasm, his beautiful work appearing before dazzled eyes in a tremendous flow of exploding love and passion. I am passionate about two things. Running and writing. Running is the physical embodiment of my pure determination, a quality that arrises as te dominant, commanding feature in my genetic makeup. Through it I accomplish whatever it is that I want, I am a man and I grasp the loves in my life with a desperate rush of anxiety and fear, what if I was to lose the sense of sacred connection and appeal to my loves?

Nothing will part me from my destiny, I am meant for something, I am meant for something incredible and unique. Every man tells himself this, and it is of the utmost importance that he believe it with all of his struggling might and power. No man can be meaningless, for the meaningless man is no man at all, meaning comes from love, comes from passion, comes from fear, anger, lust, hatred, perhaps even in spreading these emotions and watching them evolve in others, the socializer is defined as the watcher of meaning, a thing I hate and spit upon with the same determination with which I hold my own passions. A fatal flaw it could become and I suppress and attack this emotion with all my soulful intention. Mankind thwarts all efforts of peace and eventual unity with his envy, his hatred, and his desire for the might to accomplish all his passions in s selfish pursuit of destruction and competition. It is the way of the man, a man that growls and spits at his competition, consuming the flesh of his enemies and dancing upon the graves of his conquered.

So is peace possible? Is the evolution of man parallel to the grand achievement of overreaching and overcoming peace? I fear that our base selves will have to change, our societies ruptured, destroyed by self or one another, each other? Our current systems and governments will not allow peace. War is too profitable, too convenient to the achievement of our passions that emanate from our inner minds like sabers of light piercing all e see with our desires, killing the chance for a collusion of goals. We are too fixed on ourselves, too keen on the desires of the American dream. So am I an anarchist? A fascist perhaps? Or communist? No my dear reader, I am not a man who wants to see our government toppled and destroyed, I only want to see reform, destruction of corruption and the inevitable bureaucratic falsehoods. Our government has been turned into an entertaining game, a wealthy man’s gig to fame and culture. The two party system has taken out country by the balls and holds it there in a painful grip, thwarting all competition with quick jerk.

What do I know of life? I am a teen with a computer and a high school diploma, wandering through business school like a lost soul in some in between world of smoke and terror. My rooftop is not nearly high enough, not nearly tangible enough for my ego. My world must expand, must expand from a few hundred reads to millions. I want to scream this opinion, scream for people to comment, to take action on their own views of passion, government, own views of the world that is theirs, theirs for the taking. We, the teenagers, the youth need to start influencing our world, taking more affirmative action, taking up arms in our papers, blogs, and online tools. We can be powerful; we can be a voice that politicians must reckon with, must acknowledge as we enter the world full of our opinion and distaste for how things have developed in the hands of the powerful. Peace, passion, love. These are things we can promote, develop, and pronounce as our demands. To you, my reader, I say this, this is the first of many promotions, the first of many articles that will encourage you, bring you comfort, rouse your emotions, and stir the passions within to embark on their dangerous and expansionist missions in the world.

Come with me! Come with me on a journey to destroy what once was just accepted, deny the impossibility of world peace; deny the right of wealth and political power to rule your life. The people are the power! The people have the ultimate hand in the fates of empires and ways of living. All it takes is a thought, a wonderful orgasm of being, the wonderful thing that can unite all mankind in a glorious moment of flow and condensed power and true life. Here I leave you, here I say take control of your life, be the captain at the mast and direct your own raft, leap from the comfortable cruise ship of conformity and steer into the unknown of individualization.

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Earthpeace said...
on May. 12 2016 at 9:13 pm
Absolutely love the teen spirit and passion for pursuing peace! I am Earthpeace, and it has been a while but like Samwhoam that is how I too felt as a teen...and still am 100% committed to peace...100% certain that Earth will finally be a peaceful planet from one end clear to the other end...and this peace will never end. I have a Lennon T-shirt emblazoned with the words “Imagine all the people living life in Peace” and it really isn’t hard to do since I am part of a world group of 8.2 million who are 100% dedicated to peace and will not take part in wars anywhere on Earth (or beyond). Unconditional. John may have been silenced for a time but I hope to be there when he is returned to life in the coming new world (on this planet, Earth!) At that time there will be no guns, no nukes, and no weapons of any kind, for they will have all been safely deactivated obliterated pulverized into dust and carried away by the wind. This will be accomplished by the greatest peace monarch of all time. John and I will be happy to see at last ‘all the people living life in peace.’ How about you? Questions? I can be reached at earthpeace2009 at yahoo mail. I am friend to all who love peace --- Earthpeace.

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