The Need to Revert Back to Simple Life

August 11, 2012
By YoshiVisa GOLD, Plainsboro, New Jersey
YoshiVisa GOLD, Plainsboro, New Jersey
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As counterintuitive as the title may seem, it is one of the only options left in terms of preserving our world in a satisfactory manner and our lives as humans. The increasing amount of technology, transportation, and devices have had some benefits by making work more efficient and jobs and chores more convenient. However, they have had a far greater negative effect on the lives of the privileged than is mentioned in media. Technology: video games, cell phones, computers, internet, almost everything runs because of technological advancements. Some of these uses are reasonable and necessary, such as computers for programming robots or other softwares to help make a machine or process more efficient or help in solving a complex problem. The real dilemma rose when the majority of people are talked about. The greater mass of people use technology for their entertainment, for a way to communicate quickly with people, play games, and pass time. Because of this, more people have become addicted to their cell phone, texting their friends almost non-stop, checking their email or facebook every 5 minutes, surfing the web for hours a day. This deterioration has affected the children the most because they were nurtured during the time of these advancements. Instead of playing outside, children now stay inside and play video games for hours, ruining their eyes and their brains significantly in the process. Ever since cell phones and other radio devices were created, there is an increase in the amount of radiation because of the radio waves and microwaves flowing around everywhere. Although there have been no studies to prove this, there could be a long term health effect of living with the radiation constantly affecting our body. Exercise has become more of an event to do, rather than a natural phenomenon that occurs in one’s daily life. Cars and other forms of transportation have made it all the more unnatural for humans. As I walk outside, I do not see anyone playing outside; when 10 years ago, when I was a little kid, I remember seeing everyone outside in their backyards, playing some sort of sport or socializing and having a good time. It is a pity that all those memories and virtues have been lost with the advent of technology. The internet has been a lifesaver for many, but continues to have harsh drawbacks. Children are exposed to more illicit and inappropriate material, as well as more distractions that draw them away from their studies.
There is no immediate method to cure all this. But what I propose is to revert back to simple life, going back to the old days of self-survival and life without technology. Even if we just did it for a day, it could have such a huge impact on American society. Countries are already having water problems, food problems, and economic destruction. America, on the other hand, is carelessly disposing of millions of gallons of water, million of pounds of food, for their own selfish needs. It has become a habit, a necessity, to have all these comforts, at the expense of innocent lives across the world. We, as Americans, have become accustomed to the “good life”. However, if we continue down this path, there will be very bad effects around the world in the long run.
Going back to the simple life will be hard, even painful because of all the things we are used to using to conduct daily activities. It would definitely be unfeasible to revert back to simple life because it is true that as a society, we must progress. But even if everyone has the realization, the mindset that the technology that we are using is detrimental to the mental, physical, and spiritual being, people will be more cautious in their wasting and their usage.
I’ve been rambling about “reverting back to the simple life” for a while now, but still, there may be people wondering, what exactly do you mean by “simple life”. I don’t mean quitting your jobs and just sitting in your house. What I mean by “simple life” is to cut back on the convenient technologies. For example, if possible, riding your bike to work or school, instead of taking the car. Taking a walk outdoors or doing exercise outdoors, instead of going to a gym or walking on the treadmill in your house. Try to limit your cell phone usage to approximately 20 minutes a day, including time spent checking email, texting, calling etc. If practical, instead of chatting with someone, go to their house or call them. Try to grow your own vegetables so that you won’t have to go to an unnatural fast-food restaurant. Essentially, take the hard way out. Take the way that conforms most with nature. Do not try to just take a shortcut, because in life, there are no shortcuts. And even if it may seem like there is a shortcut, it’ll come bite you in the back later in life in one way or another. Often times, it will affect your health, so you won’t realize the effects until after it’s too late.

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