Tumblr - A way of life?

July 8, 2012
By LuisaLima GOLD, Aveiro, Other
LuisaLima GOLD, Aveiro, Other
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"Sometimes we have to shake the tree of friendships to make the rotten ones fall"

Seems such a shallow theme to write about, however, this not so recent phenomenon has shown an impact on teenagers’ way of living, I included. I cannot describe it, but as I enter this world of perfection, full of “je ne sais pas de quoi”, I begin to change. Suddenly I want these awesome skater shoes (you can figure out what brand I’m talking!) or these swaggy caps as I see them. Oh and the stilettos! – Please, don’t get me started on stilettos. Beautiful landscapes, perfect girls, even more perfect are the boys… Mother of Lord!

Everyone seems to have at least heard of it. A lot of teens have their own Tumblr where they can share almost anonymously to the world what they like, feel or think. I have my own and boy, do I love it! Despite the known consequences – I have developed a certain ability of analyzing everything (a piece of clothing, a place, etc) and everyone with the result of thinking (actually saying, can’t help myself anymore) “this is so Tumblr!” -, my addition doesn’t let me feel ashamed.

I want to encourage those who don’t know what Tumblr is to find out, because it is different from everything you’ve seen. It has reached a level of internationality that is surprising. If I want to search a picture of, let’s say, the most fashionable shorts of this season, you bet I’ll find it in someone’s Tumblr, even if it’s through research sites. However, it’s something that takes our precious time, and it isn’t something of instant success, learn how to work it, bend the rules there (hope users get this!).

To conclude, in my opinion Tumblr does change the way you view the world (I can absolutely say that it changed mine since I started to be more updated to what’s new. An example, I had only a pair of shorts and now it’s up to six! And I’ve recently bought turquoise nail polish, totally trendy!), and it shows you the beauty we have. However, it doesn’t impose you a way of living, it’s not that addicting – offering that boundary is great!

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A social network worth of good reviews!

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