Society's Effect on Relationships

We all have human relationships. Whether they be closely knit, or just an acquaintance. Whether they be healthy or unhealthy. Whether they be constructive or destructive. We all have opportunities and the need to expressly communicate through these people, these relationships. Excepting the fact that everyone has faults. Whether they be conscious or unconscious. Intended or unintended. Even our own distorted minds are never truly healed. But why the need for so much oppression? So much suffering dealt to others by our own hands. In a society where distortion is socially accepted and the lines of constructive and destructive relationships cross into one unfeeling and confused mess. Where everyone is blamed but no solution is brought about. Where relationships are the very foundation of our being and the very grounds for our destruction and anarchy. So where is the solution you ask? When do we join hands in conclusive peace and realize our mistakes? Our blindness to the universe around us. I believe it starts within each of us, just as the distortion. A tolerance for everyone and compassion teeming out of our very souls. Our mindset in a place where all relationships are healthy and manageable. Where the people help one another out of sheer desire. Compassionate relationships. The productive. The stimulant. The idle. The unwanted. The broken. All human relationships no matter what the personal and interpersonal conclusive status. We are all of the same species and we all live on this planet, for a short time, trying to accomplish the impossible, the unknown and even the obvious.

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