Social Norms

May 14, 2012
By AnimeLover619 SILVER, San Diego, California
AnimeLover619 SILVER, San Diego, California
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I am a unique individual living in a unique set of circumstances, let me explain: An Institutional Power that affects me significantly would be social norms. Things that society finds as appropriate or inappropriate values affect me. This is because I feel as though a lot of these values are not true, to a certain extent of course. And because of these feelings, I am treated differently, even though I am honestly saying what I feel; people treat me a bit differently. One of these things is my views on incest. Society highly frowns upon this, and in most countries, it is even illegal. But I really find absolutely no problem with it. I have always wondered why it is highly frowned upon, and at one point when telling people about how I feel, they insulted me on it. Even occasionally, people still consider me weird because of it. This gave me fair warning on how people might treat others with different beliefs than normal and helped me stand up for what I believe in more. Also, another thing that has had people treat me differently, which also ties in with gender, is the attacking on women. I can see peoples point of views in saying that because women are genetically weaker than men, men should not hit them. But then it also makes the idea of equality for all faulty. Why can men hit other men, but men cannot hit other women? It should be that no one should hit anyone, or everyone can hit anyone (in terms of what is socially acceptable). I find that violence can help, and that it is only natural to use violence to deal with something (to a certain extent). Now this doesn’t mean I believe that men can beat women as some men beat other men, I believe that the act of beating is going way too far, for both beating of the same and opposite sex. But a hit I find no problem with. But with these types of views I have, I’ve been treated differently. I notice this because it happens with people I consider friends. I see the change of treatment they have for me. It made me think differently about these “friends” I have. It also made a lot of my self-respect and self-confidence lost and much self-hatred gained.

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on May. 30 2012 at 7:42 pm
BlindlyLaughing BRONZE, Markham, Other
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Yeah, I really get what your saying, it's often that people get pressured and customed to one way of thinking because of society's norms.

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