Bad to the Bone

May 8, 2012
By Anonymous

Are people actually good or evil? Well since sitting the fence on this isn’t an option people are naturally evil. Whether we want to accept it or not; as humans we are evil. Yes there a good people but evil is a necessity. Every good has its bad and as evil people, we not only hurt our loved ones, we deceive the face of every human being that we smile in the light at, and we take advantage of vulnerability in our close friends and family, but when the time comes and darkness falls the inner beast of our untamed animal is released.

The world we live in today can and does create a divine evil in us. We tend to take to the realization of how easy and vulnerable our loved ones are. Yet in every step we take and say that we are not evil, we just come to show how evil we really are. WE begin to betray, deceive, and cut to the heart of a heart each and everyday. Sometimes out of pure anger our words slowly cut to the soul of our dearest endeavor. Although we can’t see it we can feel it we know what happens we can feel it boil in our blood and hear the cries pierce in our ears. The evil that hides yet reveals itself all at once. We bring tear s to the eyes of our heart, which is indeed what makes it all so evil. As a result, we feel, see, hear and speak no evil right? Guess again.

More over, to be more concise lets just say that our evil is innocent. Too innocent to be pointed out that we don’t believe it’s there. We smile in the face of a stranger, and see nothing wrong but we don’t find ourselves creating the double face of love and hate. When in actuality we create it every second of everyday. Our evil is as a pitch-black snowfall but sky blue night we see it and it’s beautiful but the hidden ice patches make it all so dangerous. It’s just like our evil, the hidden patches creates danger. We only see what’s not hidden but when we reveal the truth we find that it is also evil in it’s own manner. In essence, this evil that each of us contain cannot be hidden under the masks of our smiles. This deception that we create and make ourselves believe, an evil in which we can’t explain but one thing that could be said and known across the world is that our evil grows deep inside us and soon to come the pressure boiling the top off the pot will propel up in a way that we won’t be able to control.

Following this further, the situation that is at most apprehension is the unprotected hearts of our loved ones. No wall is put up against someone who is so close, but what he or she doesn’t know will hurt him or her. SLICE! SLICE! SLICE! That sound my friend is the noise of your knife cutting into an undefined area; and into the world of our closest souls. Without ever fearing or seeing the consequences of their trust we say and do the most evil inexplicable things to them. Why do we do such bad things to the ones we care the most about us? We lie, cheat, steal, and turn our backs knowing that we will need them later in life. But seeing nothing wrong with our actions we carry on like the world was as a carnival. Once in a movie that had been watched this woman and her child were running from her abusive husband. She then asked her friend to tell her, her right. This is what she said: “You have a divine animal right to protect your offspring.” She had a divine animal right to protect her offspring from what? Her husband’s evil. Of course once like most they were perfectly normal and perfect but in time his evil got the best of him. But like I stated before, our evil is soon to capture us.

A wise man once said that an insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind. Now most of us say that we are not evil but if you dare say that you have never done anything evil then your evil after all. No one is perfectly good because evil is a necessity that has to be brought to us in order to be delivered and set free before the goodness of our souls is brought about. So are humans evil? If hurting our loved ones deceiving the face of every other human being and taking advantage of the vulnerability of our friends and family, then I say yes.

The author's comments:
it was an essay topic i had to write about in class. i think its pretty good. But please let me know how you feel.

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