Positive Thoughts Cause Positive Results

March 25, 2012
By ABove SILVER, Hollister, California
ABove SILVER, Hollister, California
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I recently watched the documentary, The Secret, in which it discussed the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that what you think and desire will eventually be attained, but the more you dwell, the more life will give you to dwell upon. I then contemplated on some recent events that had happened to me and realized that all of the poor things were my own fault. My own pessimism wasn't letting me acknowledge the fact that I had improved my life in so many other ways. My dream and passion is writing, I'd love to be a columnist or journalist of some sort in the near future, but I realized that if I keep doing nothing to achieve this goal it'll quickly become impossible. So I started doing research on internships and the whole game that is journalism and I realized that the only way to become a better writer is practice. So I start a blog, begin doing my homework(with more than half-a-heart) and actually begin applying myself at school. I began getting accustomed to trying harder and striving for something I wanted, soon I didn't even realize I was doing anything differently. Months rolled on and I kept to my daily routine, I didn't really notice anything until I saw a comparison of grades from last semester to this semester. I went from C's to A's without noticing I changed my whole approach to life. In the documentary they talk about how when you think of something you want enough it'll eventually happen, this stands true in my eyes. All throughout high school I thought A's would be impossible, now I'm attaining good grades with ease, all because I know what I want and my mind is doing whatever it can to achieve that. It's literally the Law of Attraction at work. So I'm just telling you to stop thinking about what you hate and don't want and focus more on the positives and what you want out of your life. There's one simple rule to follow: if you dream it, you can do it. The only obstacle you have is sticking to that dream and not being discouraged when set-backs and rejection happen.

The author's comments:
I remain hopeful in pursuit of my dream.

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