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March 8, 2012
By abigailmarie21 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
abigailmarie21 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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Now, more than ever, Americans aren’t happy with the way this country works. The constitution has become a joke, political parties have long forgotten what they once stood for, and bit by bit, our freedoms are being taken from us under the false idea that putting the government in control of our lives will protect us from debt and terrorism.
Four years ago, I didn’t feel like I could make much of a difference. Why will my vote matter? I’m one of millions. My vote will get swallowed into the sea of all the other votes, and won’t even make a dent in the political machine.
Four years ago, I was also a believed Obama could save us. I loved his idea of change, and as a child, hearing, “Change is coming, GOOD CHANGE is coming!” it was like a personal invitation to join his party. I knew people who were McCain fans, the smarter part of the group of voters. “Just wait,” I said. “We’ll find the money we need to get out of debt. We’ll stabilize the Middle East and all you naysayers will feel stupid for not believing.” Well, thanks for making me look like a stupid kid, Mr. President. As time goes by, I watch this power hungry administration grope for more control over the citizens of the United States. I watch the cries of outrage over the state of illegal immigration and healthcare fall on deaf ears. I have a hard time finding even one thing that has come out of Washington recently that has improved the quality of life in America.
I used to earnestly believe that Obama was a better president than Clinton was, but my God, I’d rather have a president who screws his intern than a president who screws his country. I believed President Obama would have better judgment than Bush did, but I realized his international relations was just as bad as Bush’s.
And perhaps it’s this resentment that makes me feel like I finally can make a difference. We can all make a difference.
If you’re at least 18 and you’re not registered to vote, go register. As soon as possible. Make room in your schedule tomorrow and go do it.
If, like me, you’re not yet old enough to vote, raise awareness. Kill the apathy that lives inside your older friends and family. Spread the word about what you believe in. You are not useless if you can’t vote.
And this goes for everyone: Stop playing Modern Warfare for two seconds. Read. Learn about what issues we face as a society today. Learn about what each and every one of the 2012 candidates stand for. Look through the bullshit that the mainstream media shovels at us. There are things much more important than Justin Bieber, Nintendo, and Facebook at stake right now. There are more candidates in the race for president than Bachmann, Romney, Santorum, Huntsman, and Obama.
I don’t care if you’re a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, or a pirate. Register to vote. Attain the knowledge to vote for what you believe in. Raise awareness about what you believe in. As my mom always says, “It’s your future, your CHILDREN’S future, that will be impacted. It’s your choice.” Vote.

The author's comments:
USE YOUR VOICE! It was given to you for a reason. Speak up for what you believe is right.

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