The Right To Own a Gun

March 4, 2012
“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the
right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed,”is the right that is
provided by the Second Amendment for us. We as citizens have the right to bear arms.
Guns play a huge role in today’s society, be it good or bad. In a study, 67% percent
of people had a gun for protection against crimes and 66% had one for recreational uses.
Millions of people own at least one gun. But in a world where crimes are being
committed all the time, 1 in 240 people will be murdered, the idea of gun control is
becoming more and more popular. Gun control would not be good for America, and
therefore should not happen. We should be able to have a gun without the fear of the
government imposing such laws.

Clearly, gun control laws would be a violation of the Second Amendment. This law
was given to the people as a mean of protection and a right to have a strong military. The
government can’t impose a law where owning a gun is illegal because they would be
taking our rights as Americans away. Not even the government is above the law.

83% of people will be the victim of an attempted crime. Outraged with this high
number, some states imposed the right to carry a gun with great results. For example, the
right to carry a gun in Texas was granted in the year 1996. The following year the murder
rates dropped by thirty percent. In Florida, the murder rate dropped by thirty six percent.
There was a survey done with male felons. 40% reported not entering a house because
they knew that there was a gun. 34% were scared off by a victim with a gun. 40 states
currently have the right to carry a handgun or concealed weapons permit. In each state
the homicides have been lower than before. The ability to defend themselves gives
people that peace of mind feeling.

More and more women are applying for their concealed weapons permit. In 2008,
40.4% of reported crimes were forcible rape. If a woman was carrying a gun at the time
of an attack, she could potentially save her life. 63.6% of the crimes were homicides.
People that can legally carry a gun have gone through training and are believed to be
responsible enough to handle a one. In 2008, 70,725 requests for a CCW (concealed
weapon permit) were denied one after a background check. The right to bear arms is not
given to criminals and those who have had problems with the law before.

Proponents (gun control supporters) of gun control laws argue that if a gun control
law took effect that the crime rate would significantly drop. This is not true because
most criminals or people that intend on committing a heinous crime do not buy their
guns at a local Wal-mart or Sportsmen’s Warehouse. They purchase them illegally in the
back of a car in a dark alley. For example, the Carson City IHOP shooting in 2011. The
guns used were illegally purchased. Gun control laws couldn’t have prevented this from

Another argument that proponents have is that the gun control laws would decrease
the chance of children and inexperienced adult from causing a fatal accident. However,
you are more likely to die in a car crash or be poisoned than from being shot

Whether you support the right to own a gun or not, the fact that violent crimes is on
the rise can not de denied. The statistics are scary to think about. People need protection
and the peace of mind that guns provide. The government can not take this right away
from us. We need to protect our right because gun control would only hurt us.

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