Love For All

February 20, 2012
Marriage is the peak in in every relationship. It is the legal announcement of a couple’s love, used to supposedly signify a romantic bond that cannot be broken. Almost every girl dreams about their wedding day, dressed up and treated like a princess, about to marry her prince charming. But some couples can’t have this calibration, or even a legal title proclaiming their loyalty to one another. They can be seen as nothing more than glorified roommates, paying all marriage related taxes but never receiving the benefits. Every adult citizen of the United States should have the right to marry anyone, with consent, that they love.

Most opposers of the legalization of same sex marriage say that it is against Christian values. In a New York Times article about the state of New York passing a marriage equality law, Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. said in opposition to the bill that God, not Albany, has settled the definition of marriage. However, America keeps the church and state separate. Marriage, when it comes down to it, is a legal title, which grants legal rights like hospital visitations. Why should a religious value determine if a legal right is granted to a group?

There is also a psychological effect on the LGBT community. In a CNN article, the American Psychological Association states that debate about marriage creates stress for gay men and lesbians and perpetuates stigmas and prejudice about their communities. Psychological stress can easily become a mental, or even a physical, illness.

There is also the humanistic route; it infringes on human right. Two consenting adults should have the right to marry no matter what gender they are. Equality for everyone is what America stands for. A article explains that if Bradford and Anthony were in a ‘traditional’ marriage, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration services would bend over backward to keep the couple together. Every marriage should have equal benefits and treatment. Prejudice and ignorance only tears a country apart.
Ignorance is the enemy. There is no reason why taxpaying adult citizens should ever be denied the right to marry one another. Love is love, and as long as it is true and consenting, no one should ever try to stop it.

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