Capital Punishment: Seriously Not Funny

June 9, 2011
By kaylapoland966 BRONZE, E. Waterboro, Maine
kaylapoland966 BRONZE, E. Waterboro, Maine
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About fifty people are legally murdered each year because they were sentenced capital punishment. Capital punishment is something most of the USA supports and encourages. The death penalty should not be a practiced form of punishment for a crime committed in any country in the world. Death row costs a lot more then a life sentence does and the tax payers pay for the death of an other human being. That’s awful!

Capital punishment could be considered murder and revenge. It’s murder because you can’t be one hundred percent positive that the person you convicted really committed the crime. It’s revenge because some people believe the capital punishment is a way to get back at the convicted criminal for whatever crime they did. You could be murdering an innocent man because they were set up for a crime they didn’t commit. It’s possible and it’s happened. How can you really be sure that someone really committed the crime when no one is ever one hundred percent certain? There are always mistakes, things someone could have overlooked. Would you really be okay with killing a man in cold blood because you “thought” it was the right thing to do?

It’s a proven fact that there aren’t as many murderers in the states that don’t have capital punishment. The murder rate simmers down. Texas has the highest murder rate and the highest death penalty rate in the USA. As I said in the facts, they have the death penalty and yet their murder rates are the highest in our countries. They legally murder more people in the USA than any other state. Doesn’t that give you the impression that something isn’t right about it?

The eighth amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. Capital punishment is the most cruelest and unusual punishment I can think of. Someone sentenced capital punishment should be punished by getting life in prison instead of being sentenced capital punishment.

These are reasons why we shouldn’t have capital punishment. Its cruel, inhumane, heinous. It’s all the things you want to call someone being murdered. It just shows other countries our barbaric side. Sure, someday someone could deserve it, but it’s not that day and I hope it never will be. It’s not beneficial to our society like the justice system says it is. In some cases its more harmful than it should be. I’m not asking you to take action right away, I’m just asking you to think about what the families of these people are going through. They’ll never get to see their son, daughter, brother, sister, mother, father, or even grandchild again. You’re taking away their chance at rehabilitation, their second chance. Think, if you were on death row and you didn’t want to die, wouldn’t you want a second chance?

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