Same Sex Marriage

June 26, 2011
By Colter BRONZE, Nabb, Indiana
Colter BRONZE, Nabb, Indiana
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Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex marriage is a very “hot” topic in today’s society and in some people’s different aspects means everything, to some it means nothing.

Is gay marriage a choice?

Does it hurt a government?

Is it against some religious beliefs?
These are all questions that circulate around this one topic out of many that we face today. Some say that it’s a choice, some say that it will hurt are governments stand point, some say that it is against their religious practices. This paper will show you both sides of the coin and hopefully show you that gays deserve the same rights as all other American citizen and that is the pursuit of happiness.
First of all we face the root of the topic is gay marriage a choice. Some believe that it is not and some believe that it is there full choice to be what they consider is “abnormal.” First of all, who’s to say what’s normal. Who’s to say what an everyday thing is. If being gay was a choice, and I’m simply speaking hypothetically, than why would people choose to be an outcast, and why as human beings should we treat them as outcast.
Secondly, they say being gay allows men and woman of the same sex to marry simply for financial benefits. Heterosexual people can do it if they were wanting to. Gays well be allowed the same right that they have. Just because their gay doesn’t mean they should be allowed to love and consummate said love.
Lastly, mostly in the Christian belief, people say that Homosexual people should not be allowed to marry because it is stated in the bible. If you believe then you believe the Apostle Paul, writing by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, declares that homosexuality "shall not inherit the kingdom of God.” This really all depends on if you religious or not. Some of the most brilliant minds in history have stated that the only thing that separates from the devil itself is the power to love. If that’s true than why would god make it to where homosexuals weren’t simply allowed to, and if they did were condemned to a life in Hell?
Hopefully by this paper you will see that homosexuals are no different than Heterosexuals and in this you will treat them as the everyday people they strive to be. Gays are regular people that don’t want to be thought of as anything more or less than regular. By saying that they should be allowed to consummate their love and simply be allowed to get married

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