Is Coming to The United Stated Really Worth It If Your an Illegal Mexican I

April 6, 2011
The bright headlights of the cars on the other side of the road hit your eyes and temporarily blind you. Trying to stay awake to get home from a long day of hard work and being pushed around, you don’t realize that you pushed the gas pedal too much. When you finally realize it, it’s too late. Blue and red lights flash through the back window and into your car. Panicking, racing with fear you don’t know what to do. You scarcely have enough money in your pocket to get out of jail, and you hardly know English.
Sure enough you get arrested. They don’t know you’re an illegal Mexican immigrant here for better life, and it won’t be long until they realize it. Most illegal Mexican immigrants go through this all the time and continue to try to come to the United States. Do they really have a better future there? Or do they have to struggle to get just a little of the supposed “good life”. In the end coming to the United States doesn’t seem worth it.

First of all some of the illegal children don’t get good enough education the parents dreamed of when they thought of coming here. Mostly because they can’t speak English and it would be harder for children to learn. Another reason why they don’t get good education is the illegal’s that came here might not live in a good neighborhood and a place where there education is poor and the children could make poor decisions like get in to gangs an drugs and so on. Some of the teenagers that are in high school and junior high understand that they are not documented and they feel that they can’t do anything in life because they don’t have papers and sometimes drop out. And sometimes some of the illegal Mexican children that are being educated won’t graduate from high school or junior high. For example “ Nationwide, 53 percent of Hispanics graduate from high school, according to the Manhattan Institute’s Jay Greene—the lowest rate among all ethnic groups” ( Seeing Today’s Immigrants Straight, Heather Mac Donald). When illegal children and teens don’t know they are illegal’s they sometimes get made fun of, “My mom finally told me I was illegal and my life went down..” Edgar from San Diego said “..I told my close friends I was Illegal. They made fun of me”… “I am a high school dropout because I was made fun of and students always told me, ‘why graduate if you have no future here’. I was stupid for listening to them. I am trying to finish School”.

Some of the illegal’s that dropped out would have a hard time getting a job because since they dropped out they don’t have a high school diploma and don’t have the chance to get a good paying job. They are also taking the low paying jobs that Americans don’t want. Some of them are fast foods restraints, farming or field work, and landscaping and cleaning services. All of these types of jobs don’t pay much for example all of these jobs that are listed the wages are from between $7.25 and $8.00. Or sometimes they just don’t get a big job because they are afraid of the police and the immigration, they are afraid because if they get caught by the police and they find out the illegal immigrant is not documented they are deported back to Mexico. If they get deported they will lose everything they have started here. And they will eventually try to cross the border again which is really dangerous to try to gain back everything again therefore making more work for the illegal immigrants.

If you’re an illegal Mexican immigrant is it worth coming to the United States? Some illegal Mexican immigrants say that if you go to America you will have a better future with a lot of money and more that you have in Mexico. Unfortunately often it is difficult living in U.S most of the illegal Mexican immigrant children and teens don’t succeed in school as expected, English is difficult to learn and not knowing can keep you from getting a good job which is also hard to come by if you’re an illegal. These facts are clear, can an illegal Mexican really have the “good” life in the U.S. Maybe home really does seem better if you don’t have to start over again with a new life and trying to regain some of the things you had where you lived.

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