Where did patience go?

April 4, 2011
By animalsrule SILVER, Northbrook, Illinois
animalsrule SILVER, Northbrook, Illinois
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So you have a selfish person, an impatient person, and a bad driver.

Combine the three and you get one horrible driver and a bad accident.

Have you ever thought about how nobody thinks about other people and are inconsiderate these days? Take some time to really think about it and see what you come up with.

Some people in cars can be selfish and impatient. Why not take a class in patience instead of drivers ed.? It will save those careless drivers time and money in the end, with all of those crashes they get in.

People can be really self absorbed and impatient when driving cars. It’s December this month. I was in the City crossing a street with my family when all of a sudden - WHOOSH! - a cab turned straight for us and everyone jumped backward onto the sidewalk to save their lives.

I know everyone agrees with me on this one- people need to start paying just a little more attention to their surroundings.

In the heart of winter, I was sitting at the kitchen table when I heard the piercing sound of the phone ringing. I ran across the polished wooden floor and answered the phone at the last ring. It was my cousin on the phone, he said that his sister was on her way to my house when a stupid driver turned straight into her.

That right there, takes measures of carelessness to a whole new level.

People are so selfish. They can’t even take their minds off of themselves for half of a second to look around and see if any cars are coming so they don’t crash.

Definition, Rustracted: This is when a selfish and impatient person is driving while distracted. They could be texting, on the phone, etc. They are also being rude by not paying attention to other people.

Everyone needs to take a chill and think about someone else for the day and see how other people feel when they do.

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on Apr. 19 2011 at 12:38 am
musiqqlvr31 BRONZE, Chennai,Tamil Nadu, Other
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very true..i feel the same


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