Issues Of The Internet Today

March 24, 2011
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Technology is taking over the world we live in and everyone knows it for better or worse. Cell phones, computers, I-pods, and web cams, each of these is now a deadly weapon against the average teenager. Even though these each seem like such obsolete tools because they are used everyday, when in the wrong hands they become tools of destruction. Everything is computerized and electronic, even some peoples lives are electronic because they post everything they do online and every second of their lives is posted for the world to see.

With the technology these days things can be posted every second including pictures and videos and addressees so anyone can cruise the internet and find out where you live and work. As we put up preventative blockers for children, ways are found to get around these blockers and open the world of the internet right back up. The average teen will go online into chat rooms to make friends that are meant to just be an innocent friend and is conned into revealing an email, identity, or personal pictures.

As if this is not enough some people who are sick minded are asking for this online in chat rooms for their own personal satisfaction. Innocent children follow the orders of the pursuer in order to maintain the friendship when really it is making it worse because they are giving into the demands. People even go as far as bullying others online just to feel better about them selves. The innocent teen then feels as though they are worthless and become depressed. There has even been cases recorded that teens are victim of internet bullying suicide. This is when a teen is bullied to the point of no return and kills himself.

Parents have no way of stopping it because the kids find ways around parental blockers and are sucked into the world of the internet and all the stalkers and perverts in the world. These mean people have no way of being stopped other than shutting down the internet. Kids need to be more aware of the possibilities and the people that are out there. Not everyone is on the internet but some day they will be and they will be a victim of this cyber bullying and trolling.

The world is electronic and is on its way to being completely automated and this could be one of the worse things that could happen to us because it will put everyone’s information out there whether they like it or not. This will be the worst possible thing because it will cost us more lives of children who are bullied or conned into revealing themselves everyday. Not many people are aware of this issue and I feel that it should be brought up into the news several times because it is an important issue that needs to be addressed. The FCC claims that they are going to regulate the internet, if this is true it should be put into motion really soon so this madness can be stopped.

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