Human Morals

April 27, 2010
By L4dYbuG BRONZE, Florence, Kentucky
L4dYbuG BRONZE, Florence, Kentucky
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Have you ever thought about how you really feel, your own feelings not altered by other people’s opinions or teachings? Is it possible as a human to have feelings not taught or learned? To find the answer to these questions you must look deep into yourself, past the constant judgment nailed into your head. Forget everything you’ve been told as the truth to find your true feelings. Today as a society we are separated between two very different types of people, the human theorist, and the religious ones. Religious theorist believe only what they have been told as right or wrong, they are not acceptable to the changes of our world. And because of this, this is why we as human beings are being held back in society.

Scientists are being restricted from their research in many different areas of science, such as cloning; because many people believe that “play the role of God” is immorally wrong. What they’re not considering is the many medical mysteries that could be solved, like finding a cure for cancer, or giving someone back their ability to walk. Humanity has much to suffer from, but we are not out of answer. We just still have to find them, but we are not able to find the answer to our problems, because of the religious morals that has our country tied down with a rope around its neck.
Humanity needs people to live by human morals rather than just religious ones. For our country and our lives to grow we need to think for ourselves, other than everything we’re told. We need to believe what we feel as right or wrong, rather than fallow someone else’s lead. As The United States of America, we have the right to be free to, and to believe in what we shall believe. This is something understood by the very youngest of children, however, there are many people in this country who does not understand what this means. They are the same persons who try to force their own beliefs on everyone who surrounds them. Sadly enough this act is done mainly by parents to their own children. And those who do not fallow such beliefs are looked abound as the devil!

Parents of teenagers who make their own decisions, such as choosing to have sex before their married, look at their own children as monsters, as the devil, like there is something wrong with them. Parents like these are the parents who often find the next victim of suicide, or not find anything at all because their child has ran away. People who try to push their beliefs of others, isn’t humanly right. That is why teenagers rebel, not because their evil, but because they are their own person. They have their own feelings and beliefs just like anyone else. This just doesn’t apply for teenagers, but for children, teens, adults, elders, any human being has this ability.

No matter how much parents try to protect their children, they aren’t going to be able to protect them from their futures. Each individual makes his or her decisions to determine the outcome his or her own life. This is a responsibility that is naturally born into all of us, same as the ability to feel and to believe, but everyday are rights are being taken away from us. What can we do to protect our rights? Is there any way to stop the world from this? These are just more questions that you have to find out by looking into yourself. What can you do about your own life? What decisions in your life will you make? You tell me.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this piece was a argument I had with my grandma and my father.

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