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girl 2010

Wake up every morning; this is how you make your eye pop with smoky eye shadow; this is how you put make-up on for school; this is how you put make-up on for a party; make sure the party you go to doesn’t involve shady people; don’t wear low-cut shirts; don’t wear really short skirts because it can look tacky; this is how you curl your hair; this is how you get that messed up, yet cute ponytail for an everyday look; this is how talk to friends; this is how you talk to your teachers; this is how you talk to that b**** that backstabbed you; this is how you flirt with a cute guy; don’t act too available; act natural on a date; this is how you get a boyfriend; this is how you dump a boyfriend; have fun with your friends, but don’t let them walk all over you like some doormat; think I am a pretty doormat that doesn’t want any mud stains; make the best of every single moment; don’t listen to peer pressure; don’t drive under the influence of alcohol; don’t do drugs because you will end up doing something stupid and messing up your entire life; this is how you party all night; this is how you do your math homework; this is how you care about all your problems; remember that high school makes up only four years of your life; this is how you persuade your mom to let you go out; don’t sneak out when you are grounded because it will only get you in more trouble when your parents find out; don’t yell at your parents because it makes things worse; this is how you text; this is how you talk on the phone and waste all your minutes in one day; this is how you cry when you get hurt; this is how you laugh at a funny joke; this how you grow to be strong; this is how you become weak and pitiful; this is how you live life.

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