Can kids avoid gangs?

December 19, 2009
By Bingpong BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Bingpong BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Everyone is born as a blank paper. What the paper will look like depends on what we write on it. Likewise, the way a person will grow up depends on the environment he or she lives in. Family, education, society, and government create an environment which can affect a person in bad ways or good ways.

To a building, the more solid the foundation, the steadier the building can stand. To a person’s life, family is the foundation. If he or she doesn’t have a good start, their path of life will be rough and hard to walk on. Children need to be reared with the love of parents and live in harmony with everyone in the family which gives them cozy feelings. Nowadays a common reason we usually see that increases the number of children leaving home and committing crimes is divorce and fighting between parents. A lack of love and care from parents can cause them to be discouraged and despair. That is one of the main reasons they prefer going out to staying home which can lead them into adhering in gangs.
Education also takes part in forming the character. To those people who go to school, the risk is lower than those who don’t. School is the place where they are taught to distinguish between right and wrong, and create a routine. On the other hand, their time will be limited so they won’t have too much spare time to have opportunities to loiter outside and make friends with strangers. Idle hands are evil’s tools, we always say. But this solution won’t work well without parents’ control and watching to prevent them from bad things.

Outside of school and home is a bigger world with more problems. A bad society creates bad people. When children live in society, they will copy and do things which they see every day and will not know if those are right to do or not. Another reason for them to copy what others do is that they don’t want to be different or afraid to be unique is more like it. Living in a society where everybody follows this way and you follow the opposite, will you feel lost among them? Kids feel thar way. That is what makes society another important factor in forming personality.

All of these above will reach to the extremes with supports of the government. Good government is the basis of all. What is a good government? It is a government which protects their citizens and trains them strictly. Its responsibility is to keep the people right in some measure, staying in a straight line, and not cross it by imposing policy and judge those who break it. The society needs to be reshaped. If it is distorted, the government has to mold it back into place. Therefore, criminals soon will be down in number. People can feel safe, and kids won’t have bad examples to ape.

Nothing is impossible, only we think it is. Good kids can grow as good people if these factors are improved. And one more thing, no less important than others is the consciousness of individuals about what they do. That will create a better society, a better education, and a better foundation for young generations to live in.

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