The Case Agains Money

November 27, 2009
By Ikron21 BRONZE, Tacoma, Washington
Ikron21 BRONZE, Tacoma, Washington
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You wake up at 5:30, and you lumber down the hall into the bathroom. You flip on the lights, which are spending money every minute they are on, and get in the shower, which with each passing drop is increasing how much your parents will pay to the water company. After dressing in an outfit which totaled 25 or 30 big ones, you eat a breakfast of cereal that was 10 dollars. You run outside at dawn to catch a school bus that costs thousands in tax dollars. Then for 6-7 hours at school, you are forced to endure a second rate public education because the government can afford to keep textbooks up to date, hire quality teachers, and fire incompetent ones.

Without money and a need to exchange goods for currency, the class system would crumble. I am not saying this would produce a perfect world. In fact, the only way this would actually work is if the world would come under the banner of a global government or a massive ruling body, like the Roman Empire. This would allow equal amounts of resources to be distributed to many areas, and with the military and science communities united as one, progress in all fields would surge forward. Eventually, this would lead to a state of pseudo-anarchy, but with a “Common Law” in place of a strict set. A global police force would pursue unruly people, but with perhaps a country designated as a prison like area.

It is impossible to say if this would work, or if it is even possible it can happen within our lifetimes. Future generations will hopefully shed the need for money, and simply be united as a single world. As with slavery and feudalism, humanity will know when its best to leave things behind.

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